Scottish Glasgow residents buy their homes in encrypted currency for the first time

nnnIn Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city, where two people use the encrypted currency ScotCoin to exchange ownership of an apartment. These two people are also ScotCoin supporters and holders, that the encrypted currency or lack of access to some of the mainstream conditions, and hope that through their own efforts to promote this goal.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nAn apartment in Glasgow, Scotland, has become the first property in the country to pay in digital currency. Peter McGowan bought a two-bedroom apartment with about 10 million ScotCoins, about £ 60,000. He bought an apartment from a friend and company colleague, who was also a ScottCoin intellectual property holder, David Low. They met 20 years ago, as Fergus McCann took over the Celtic Football Club (Celtic Football Club) the main promoter, Low led the club in the Celtics Football Club roadshow. McGowan and Low invested in the currency after ScotCoin released in 2014. Although this may be the first case through the digital way of the seller, the transaction or follow the regular delivery rules on the process. Low said:n
nn”Peter wants an apartment, and I want more ScotCoin, so we are very happy.We have commissioned a housing valuation report to determine the reasonable price of the apartment in pounds sterling and then converted to Scotcoin “.n
nnMcGowan said:n
nn”It does not cost a lot of money, it is a long-term investment. Because it is not my main house, you need to pay the Scottish government land construction transaction tax (Land Buildings and Transactions Tax), that is, I have to pay 3% or 1,800 pounds To the country “.n
nn”They have to be more user-friendly,” Low said, “they have to be more user-friendly. “n

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