SEC: Rothschild family invests in Bitcoin

nnnThe SEC and well-known investors Brian Cohen confirmed last week that the world’s leading financial family, Rothschild, has purchased Bitcoin through GBTC investment vehicles to diversify its assets. Last week’s technical progress led to a rebound in bitcoin prices and gave some confidence to frustrated investors. In general, more and more well-known investors are participating in the digital money market, indicating that the market is still very dynamic.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe Rothschilds have already purchased Bitco through the GBTC (Bitcoin Investment Trust) investment tool, which is not surprising for Bitcoin and digital currency followers.n
nThe documents signed by the SEC on Friday show that the Rothschilds have already purchased a digital currency to make their assets more diversified and now have a GBC worth $ 210,000. The news by the well-known investors Brian Cohen on July 22 issued a briefing.n
nThis news is not surprising given the increasing popularity and support of Bitcoin in institutional investors and hedge funds.n
nDue to fear that the bit will be bifurcated, before the market situation is not very good, but the market in the rapid rebound, bitcoin prices rose a lot compared to last week.n
nThe price of Bitcoin is a matter of argument, some people say that the bubble has arrived, the market crash is coming, while others said that bitcoin prices may rise to 5,000 US dollars.n
nBut no matter how the price trend, such as the Rothschild family investors to buy Bitcoin and other digital currency situation should make its value to get more support.n

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