Security problems of Ethernet Mist browser stopped operation workshop

Author Qin Xiaofeng |

| editor Lu Xiaoming

 Security problems of Ethernet Mist browser stopped operation workshop

In March 23rd, Fang Mist founder and UI Ethernet project designer Alexandre Van de Sande Mist issued a document that the project has now stopped development and operation, but the Mist team will continue to use other DApp team to design products prior to the accumulation of experience to help fund the etheric fang.

Alexandre said:

We are facing some extreme security challenges, which forced us to re evaluate our entire roadmap, we doubt whether there is to let the project to make full use of the Ethernet square foundation resources. In order to deal with the security challenges, the Mist team decided to stop the development of browser, and its component value to other projects in the etheric fang.

Brilliant Mist

Mist is composed of Mist is composed of Ethernet Fang funded team, the project was the foundation of the main push Ethernet square project. The development of the wallet was the most famous square on the etheric wallet products, the team also developed browser products.

According to Mist’s plan before the location is not just a wallet, but the future of DAPP (Application of APP intelligent contract market), similar to the apple market, where you can have your account, DAPP application can browse, release and sale of Ethernet square.

Alexandre also cited the brilliant achievements of Mist:

  • Introduced the token standard, chief development officer ERC20 author Fabian Vogelsteller draft is Mist;

  • Released the first GUI wallet, so that users can interact with and into the early pre-sale key and when the etheric and etheric Fang Fang block chain is still done by interactive command line;

  • Mist is the first to allow for easy deployment of smart wallet contracts, and create a visual interface for interacting with the intelligent contract;

  • The first to support Swarm Hosted web browser;

  • Create a Web3.js library, it is used by some applications to interact with the Ethereum via javascript;

  • In the early days of the prototype, we design the dashboard, app store, integrated code audit inspection, individual tokens, Dao, forecast market and many other things are just now starting to appear.

How lonely exit?

As a veteran of the aether square project, why Mist will now come to the point?

The first problem is the Mist synchronization node leads to resource constrained. In the early stage of complete synchronization of a node is feasible, but soon became a few hours of drudgery. However, Mist has been in the synchronization of the whole node, this problem not only leads to Mist of the resources are spent on this “meaningless” process, but also make them lose a lot of early users, because users vote using managed remote node (INFURA) applications. The so-called remote node, which can switch seamlessly between different nodes in the node.

Secondly, the other is focused on the Web3 team of excellent growth, let Mist do not see hope for the future. Alexandre believes that other browsers have more resources and more close to web3:

Now companies such as Samsung, Opera and Brave are focused on Web3 functionality into their roadmap on. Other browser developers have more resources and characteristics of Web3 more than us close to the native.

The so-called “Web 3”, is a cover and contain everything terminology, describes a new generation of better Internet, a payment and funds for the digital natives of the Internet, a “decentralized” application and the center of the application of the Internet competition, a user can own identity and the data have more control over the internet. Web 3 is a trend:

  • First of all, the money will become a primary function.

  • Secondly, to the center of the application will provide new functionality for users.

  • Third, the user will have the right to control more of their digital identity and data information.

However, according to Alexandre, the most important reason is the security problem. Mist is too dependent on the open-source software framework Electron, this usually means the latest version of Mist to run a few months out of the engine, this version of the loopholes also easy to be used by hackers and attacks.

Alexandre said: “at the end of last year, we received a notice of several bug very serious: these bug allows attackers to access through untrusted sites to control your computer and key, this is very bad.”

Although the team has been exploring alternatives, but are required to maintain a secure browser resources than Mist team can support resources. Therefore, the Mist browser will stop using, no longer provide effective development support.

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