See also all on bitcoin, why do I feel so excited?

Well, great! I bit Wu finally wait till this day, and began a few years, when all on the bitcoin!

Chen Sijin Lang Xianping came out, these so-called philosopher economist one out, wish everyone to step on one foot, and they are constantly with a motley crew, a follow, boycott the feeling.

Some day next, you will see many similar:

Bitcoin bubble!”

“I didn’t see before saying this stuff is a lie!”

“Endless junk bitcoin fell.”

And similar articles or sound. Many people see this voice began to fear, and I, every time I see such a sound, very excited, because this truly heralds a new era, I must share with you.

The reason, led by a digital currency bitcoin fell?

For so many reasons, we have recently on bifurcation cause, actually otherwise, we will not go down speculation reasons, but fell on a bad thing?

Certainly not ah.

First of all, those who say that bitcoin is tulip bubble funny than girls, please close your mouth, this group of people is no culture and not thinking only know with a motley crew you can, spend a little time to check the history? A tulip bubble over, bitcoin was killed ten years, how many times, you know? My dear boys ignorance!

Secondly, the two class market, two healthy market, must be up and down the market, only rise is what? MLM is!

Bitcoin fell only, can let more people know about him, he has the opportunity to contact and cognition, and buy it, everyone firewood high flame, until next time off, can be up to 100 million dollars. Otherwise, you expect all the cognitive insufficiency, to buy 1 months when hundreds of thousands of bitcoin? Fish Leong gives you courage?

Two, a lot of opportunities, but only one principal

Life is the opportunity, 2017 madness has ceased to exist, all do not have false delusions overnight. But it is not to say that there is an opportunity, this time is a good time, because as long as we are willing to, can come into contact with more opportunities and opportunities in every year, the fear is that opportunities come to you when you find yourself, not to meet his cost.

So is the currency speculation. In the investment world, opportunity than you can believe, and the principal only once. But, once you used up or lost your survival principal, so all the opportunities the world will give you the door completely shut down.

So, I have been advocating the bear market positions, or fast do not fight, do not bargain hunting. The bull market, need long-term and real. Many people put this point backwards! Reversed!!!

Three, insist on this thing

Block chain of this technology, great and beautiful, I bit Wu will take a lifetime to witness it, I won’t change any industry, and will not leave his side encrypted digital currency. This is a great invention, it is I can afford a heavy. If you don’t recognize, because once or twice fell, and feel great sorrow.

Li Xiaolai yesterday said micro-blog, the bull market is born out of bear children; bear is born out of expert. Next, no matter how difficult, I will stick to it, I’ll meet you in micro-blog and every day, every day in the public, for everyone in the country will be output, hold the line salon, if you think you can, then I hope we come together and get this thing done, after a few years, to see those cowards how are they out. And we, how great!

Four, the value of investment

I believe in the value of investment in life, so I think in this circle, the maximum value of the investment, is to let their cognitive constantly upgrade themselves, and the era of common progress.

Arm yourself, strong yourself! Only you can help you, rather than those of the V and Weakness lends wings to rumours. news media that, those are all tools, are not reliable species, you can live for years?

So you really recognized the blockchain, now you should do is to learn and try. Instead of waiting for the general idiot hunters, see K’s.

Five, give some time

Zhang Zhaoyang is absolutely gangster, Ma Yun and Ma who no one knows, the first generation of Internet Co after the burst, only Google Amazon Facebook and apple, digital currency and block chain, which is at present stage? You think!

Time, whether it is the development process of block chain technology or encryption of digital currency, need to sort out time. How long does it take, I don’t know, the world is fragmented, the world is diverse, individual energy is more and more big, the trend is more and more fast. We have a world of difference cognition for new things. It was just ten years of bitcoin and the blockchain, I hope all of us can give some time, but don’t just think about them from the vampire!

Finally, with a saw on the Internet, customers at the end of today:

I’m not afraid. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is caused completely disappeared little death. I will face my fears. I’ll allow it through me. When it’s over, I will turn the inner eye to see its path. What place did not disappear fear. I’m still only.

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