Set up a digital new financial financial infrastructure – Wvping wanchain released a white paper


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Since the launch of Bitcoin in January 2009, block-chain technology and the rapid development of digital assets, the current global market has more than 900 kinds of digital assets, the total market capitalization of up to 100 billion US dollars scale, it is predicted that the next five years the total market value of digital assets Will be more than trillions of dollars. A variety of different digital assets form an independent network held by more than 2 million people respectively. On the other hand, traditional assets are being chained in different ways, such as cross-border exchange of funds, commercial paper, credit lines and so on. Each block chain network is like an independent kingdom, nurturing and developing its own ecology. The exchange between different “kingdoms” is limited to the exchange and trading of digital assets in the form of intermediaries. With the increase of asset type and value, how to establish the value distribution channel of different block chain network, how to carry out financial and related business innovation based on a variety of digital assets is a necessary problem in the development of block chain.n
nRecently, the network of science and technology incubation of the first public chain project wangwan wanchain officially released white paper. The chain is a distributed financial infrastructure based on the block chain, which is used to complete the connection and value exchange of different block chain networks in a central way. Based on this facility, more organizations are able to develop their own services and distribute financial innovation through the World Wide Web wanchain.n
nConnecting different digital assets to achieve the value of cross-chain flown
nThrough the white paper published by the chain, we can see from the technical, universal chain to solve the different chain of digital assets on the cross-chain transfer problem. Cross-chain mechanisms and a common cross-chain protocol are used to achieve the value transfer between chains and chains.n
nWanzuo chain in the design to follow the block chain distributed, no trust third party participation in the concept, make full use of the forefront of cryptography theory and technology for program design and technology. In the cross-chain transaction, the MAC-locked account mechanism adopts multi-party calculation and threshold key sharing technology, which is completely decentralized, realizing the asset account management function without trusted third party participation.n
nThe information link between the different block chains is of great significance to promote the wider application of block chain technology. In the long run, the interconnection of different block chains is of great significance. In the long run, With the omnipotent chain of ecological construction, the WAN chain agreement may become a widely accepted standard agreement.n

nBetter adapt to the three characteristics of financial scenesn
nThe chain is not just a connector for a different block chain, but itself is a distributed book with a Smart Contract function, and the trade on the chain is protected by privacy. Multi-asset access, intelligent contract, privacy protection mechanism is the three characteristics of the chain, the combination of these three characteristics to solve the financial multi-asset accounting problems, contract execution issues and trade privacy issues, more distributed Financial applications can be developed based on the World Wide Web.n
nInterconnection of the block chain eco – network formn
nUniversal chain of the application of a wide range of scenarios, can achieve different digital assets of the distributed transactions, a variety of asset packaged asset securitization and other traditional business similar to the future of distributed financial business. Through the chain of infrastructure protection, more people can enjoy a richer financial assets based on digital assets, more people can better control their own assets and have more means of asset appreciation.n
nnDavid A. Johnston believes that the application of space and imagination in the field of digital assets is unlimited, and distributed financial innovation based on digital assets will be the next wave of block chain development. (David A. Johnston, says that Wanchain’s applications on digital assets are an important step forward and the innovations in decentralized finance are the next step in the blockchain space.n
nnAt present, many blocks of chain projects, mostly to build a specific application of the scene. Block chain technology is still in the early stages of development, many basic technologies need to evolve, solve the basic problem in the technical realization of many application projects than the more challenging, but also more lasting vitality. The starting point of the chain is to solve the basic problem, the market’s creativity will be based on the birth of a variety of innovative applications, these applications may be on the standard financial model, more likely to be a new business model. Third parties in the universal chain of applications and services, as well as the enjoyment of these services customers constitute a complete ecological chain.n
nDistributed capital partner Shen Bo said:n
nnFrom a technical point of view, the WAN chain to solve the problem of different block chain books, from the application point of view, the Victoria chain is a digital new economy of the super financial market.n
n6 led by the international top development teamn
nWanjie chain project by the former Notary Public (Factom) co-founder and CTO, net recording technology CEO Lu Xujun led the block chain design and leading the development of the core team from China and the United States has many years of the underlying platform and block chain development Experience the composition of senior engineers. It is worth mentioning that the team has a number of cryptography doctor, specifically responsible for mathematical algorithms, cryptography application design and demonstration work. With the understanding, in the global context, the configuration of the top mathematics team block chain project is also extremely rare. At the end of 2016, the team completed the theoretical demonstration of cross-chain transactions and privacy protection, and the prototype development of transaction privacy protection.n
nDACA Block Chain Association Secretary-General Han Feng evaluation, the Victoria chain of solid technical accumulation and the development trend of the block chain is well reflected in this project, the release of the white paper logic, theoretical argument full.n
nThe World Wide Web will operate in the form of an open source community, and the follow-up will attract more global chain-top talent to join the community to advance the development and construction of the World Wide Web.n
nAccording to the plan will be launched in the near future ICO chips, and published a chain test network.n
nLearn and view the project White Paper Go to the project’s official website: wanchain.orgn

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