Seven political celebrities to support bitcoin and block chain technology

Seven political celebrities to support bitcoin and block chain technology

With FinTech’s role in global economic matters more, some governments and politicians have begun to embrace such innovative technology such as block chain.

Just yesterday, CoinDesk reported Blockchain CEO Peter Smith (Peter Smith) and other 30 executives, participated in by British Prime Minister David Cameron (David Cameron) trade delegation leader, to promote the FinTech business in Southeast asia.

However, this is not the first encounter of bitcoin and politics.

Here are some to accept bitcoin and block chain technology, the most striking political figures.

1. Jared (Jared Polis) in Indianapolis.

Jared. Indianapolis, the Congress of the United States was the first digital currency community awareness, in March last year, when the position in the decision makers, to ban such bitcoin digital currency, Indianapolis responded with sarcasm. Indianapolis said: “The dollar should be banned, instead of encryption currency.”


2. Dan Eldredge (Dan Elder).


Last July, Dan Eldredge became the first and only accept bitcoin donations, the U.S. Congress candidate election.

In an interview with CoinDesk, Eldredge emphasized the potential of digital currency, and points out that this is a unique way to the concept of the integrity of money. “I only accept bitcoin donations of funds, this is for the Federal Reserve and its policy of struggle, which weakened the dollar’s influence.”

3. George Galloway (George Galloway)


British politician George Galloway, the London mayor candidate, after he publicly announced his plan to track the city of London using the block chain technology expenditure, for the sake of greater transparency.

Galloway commitment in the mayor chain (MayorsChain) budget funds running on 17 billion pounds, this is a block chain based public expenditure management system.

4. Andrew Hemingway (Andrew Hemingway)

Andrew Hemingway, the Republican governor of New Hampshire, he proposed to use the block chain technology in its election period.

In Twitter, the vote on the views of Hemingway’s fans, Hemingway then talked about the potential of distributed voting technology for general ledger.

@ KrisWilliams81 we can use bitcoin blockchain algorithm to help solve this problem, using the distributed consensus.

Andrew Hemingway (July 10, 2014 @AndrewHemingway)

In addition, the Danish liberal Alliance Party in Copenhagen’s annual meeting also announced the use of block chain technology to carry out the internal vote.

5. Gulana hasnan (Gulnar Hasnain).

Gulana. Hasnan, central London Green Party candidate, this year became the first British mainstream political candidates to accept bitcoin.

In order to raise 1000 pounds, Hasnain accepted the use of Onename and micro donation reward tool ChangeTip.

In an interview, Hasnain said she was very willing to focus on the positive aspects of the blockchain technology, and the potential of the block chain “the democratic transformation” around the world, she said the principle of greens and distributed ledger technology has a lot of similarities.

6. Rand Paul (Rand Paul)

The 2016 Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul, announced in April this year, began to accept bitcoin donations.

He describes himself as a “libertarian agitators”, the Washington Post reported that he decided to accept bitcoin donations, is a “genius of political action”.


In a meeting of the group of TechCrunch this year, Paul said he was for bitcoin, is still an outsider.

Paul told Bloomberg news report, also confirmed his suspicion, he said; “I have been fascinated by the concept of it, but I’ll never own to buy, I just wondered.”


7. Rick Perry (Rick Perry)

Last month, bitcoin ushered in another major supporter of political field.

The United States presidential candidate Rick Perry in an interview with “the New York observer”, first published his bitcoin stance, he expressed support for any space for the bitcoin industry to relax regulatory wheezing.

All of these politicians, bitcoin blockchain and technology published on position, they support or support bitcoin blockchain? Or all of these encouragement is only their political propaganda gimmick? At present, we can make nothing of it.

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