Shanghai city block chain technology innovation and industrialization base for Wang Yi: the key base of operation is not the physical space level together that hatch

 Shanghai city block chain technology innovation and industrialization base for Wang Yi: the key base of operation is not the physical space level together that hatch

In November 23rd, guided by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Association, Shanghai City People’s Government of Yangpu District, Shanghai City, Shanghai City, Yangpu District science and technology innovation center of science and Technology Commission, the national technology transfer association of Shanghai Eastern block chain technology center hosted a ceremony to start the first Yangtze block chain technology forum, Shanghai city block chain technology innovation and industrialization base for Wang Yi published on the base of the progress of the speech.

Wang Yi said that the block chain base to attract the blockchain enterprises and talent, but the focus is not the convergence level of physical space base operations, the key base of operations is to hatch, this is our valuable part of operation.

The following is the Shanghai city block chain technology innovation and industrialization base for finishing Wang Yi’s speech:

November 22nd is Thanksgiving Day, I want to first thank you today, thanks to the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Municipal Association, Shanghai Municipal People’s government, the people’s Government of Yangpu District to support and help us, thank the blockchain industry buddies to today’s meeting. Next, I report on recent progress in base work.

In the past few months, I have been with the team in the line of work. After 9 month 6 days from Yangpu District issued industry orders, block chain base launched some work in Shanghai shaking heaven and earth. In two months, a total of more than 200 enterprises to enter our base, consult the Shanghai city relevant policy and the government of the industry guide.

In 2018 May, the national leadership of the development of the industry chain technology application block provides important recognition, so we set out the cohesion of Shanghai. Why do Shanghai block chain? Shanghai advantage? Shanghai is the center of international talents, talents, technical reserves in Shanghai, we have the shipping center and financial center, will gather in the beautiful Shanghai.

Block chain base block chain enterprises and talents to attract over, but focus on the physical space level convergence is not base operation, the key base of operations is to hatch, this is our valuable part of operation.

We have been advocating is one of five, of which five? Training is the most important, go ahead. The development of the technology industry cannot do without the talent incubator, so we training in the forefront, not only have the technical training, there are entrepreneurs block chain training. In the industry we do think tank, globalization, both from MIT’s talent, but also from Fudan University, Tongji University, Jiaotong University and other personnel. In the industry community, both of our association, there are a variety of folk alliance and various other organizations. Of course, there is just Mr Zhao mentioned fund industry.

This is two months, two hundred companies have entered our base. Among them, I mainly share I was very moved by the two companies.

Is a very young entrepreneurial team, the youngest only 18 years old. Their business team members are still studying in the United States, many of which are big data, on the future of Chinese including full of fantasy and beautiful vision of global future, specially from overseas into our base. They said, in fact our parents’ economic conditions are very good, but we want to rely on their own hands. When we saw that Shanghai has build order, we would like to return home after high school after graduating from the University of entrepreneurship.

However, business or to work, not only because of the block chain is very hot in the world, soon to start. Entrepreneurship is a very hard road, need to learn a lot. Of course, we are still very welcome this young team to return home later we base.

Another one I want to share is a 75 year old old man, the old professor. Indeed, from the age, I am very worried about the beginning, I said, how can there be such a large age old gentleman will do the blockchain venture, but I found that he is full of passion. He said the blockchain is too good, let me feel very young, I have many dreams aspirations can be achieved in the block chain, I have my team, I am not a old man. Every week he would write a poem of the block chain to me, so I am very impressed. Today the old students have no? At the scene? I think I see him. Thank you for this industry, so every day I can learn a lot of things, than I can study together with advanced person in growth.

On the industrial base of the team, I introduce a little simple. Our team is from all walks of life, they have many years of combat experience, they are not the original district block chain, because we know that the blockchain itself is only in the past few years of fire. Some of them are educational institutions from the military, some from itself is double hatch Yang Chuang in this industry for twenty years of double gene team, some from the financial sector, some from engaging in block chain in 2015 2014, the original technology and investment industry, so we come from different gene families, came to this team, we fight to do some interesting things. We can get together today, thanks to our partners, I think all of our partners, a drum palm is good!

Just mentioned the 1 billion fund, today saw a lot of entrepreneurs, in fact very concerned about our fund, including our total also asked me how this fund, we should make equity, we should be on board by. In fact, we do is fund equity structure for our entrepreneurs and small, for our dreams. Money isn’t enough, the key is the strategy, money is service, but also can not. So this fund, we have participated in many traditional investment institutions, to co operation of the development.

Our expert mentors , from Fudan University, Tongji University etc.. Among them, Deng Dean is the vice president of Fudan University Institute of information technology, we often interact, often have a lot of students to our base, Everfount talents for block chain technology. And Professor Ling Li, 2016 to support our team, entrepreneurs from training to technical training. Hong Feida did we total entrepreneur mentor. The total, from 2015 years to meet you, has been very low-key, support our team, thank you. Baidu’s total wood hasn’t come today, we have Shen Jie, he is the chief scientist, he studies very experienced in the field of Internet, because of you, we will have the base, we have so many excellent students to block industry chain. Today we have not in general Zhuo, the total was also done, our strategy is the mentor group, Yangpu District excellent enterprise.

The base began settled, the association of development, all cannot do without you pay, promote the growth and development of the blockchain, in fact, behind the road is still far away, we need to step by step to go. We have done a lot of training in the application of total global incubation base, the total office, have done the training of entrepreneurs.

And the future plan, I very love this key, then I told our team that we can design such a key, the key is what? A cycle, a closed loop. Our businesses, our industry, we will start in Shanghai, all cannot do without the talent, we base the growth we cannot do without the intention of the service. Communication between people is very important, we need to put some talents left to our base, come to light, love it, love our base. So our service must be warm precision of the service, we can grow together five in one enterprise, the parties and the talent block chain enterprise is a cycle, we Shanghai became the source of the blockchain, let Shanghai become a global blockchain depression, which is what we all do in the blockchain dream. You said right? We can go together, thank you!


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