Shao Yunchen and Lu Yao read the full text for free, (when we meet again) Shao Yunchen and Lu Yao read the full text for free

Novel: how much marriage: ex husband, please respect yourself / stay until the reunion

Author: Tea thrower

lead: Shao Yunchen, Lu Yao

Type: romance novel

Introduce: Lu Yao uses 3 years all did not have Shao Yunchen Wu hot heart, after crashing those unbearable, she resolutely chooses to let go

“Marriage: ex husband, please respect yourself / stay until the reunion” free reading

Chapter 1: How did you come back so suddenly?

In the middle of the night, Lu Yao seems to be immersed in a dream.

“Well…” Lu Yao couldn’t help opening her eyes.

This is not a dream.

Lu Yao was stunned.

Isn’t it Saturday? Why did he come back?

“Awake?” The man’s voice is low but cool and thin. Lu Yao’s eyes are staring at him, but he still doesn’t stop.

To him, it seemed that it was not love, it was just routine.

The next day, Lu Yao was awakened by the sound of cars downstairs.

She sat up from the bed with the quilt in her arms. She was stunned for more than ten seconds. When she heard something moving in the kitchen, she ran out of the room with her feet spread out and saw a long figure of her back busy working in the kitchen.

Men wear casual clothes at home, slim waist and long legs, looking thin

In the morning, what was she thinking!

Shao Yunchen finished breakfast and came out of the kitchen. Seeing Lu Yao standing there in her nightdress, she frowned, “go and change clothes.”

“Oh, yes.” Lu Yao looked down at herself and ran to the bedroom.

After she finished washing, Shao Yunchen had already sat at the table for breakfast, while Lu Yao sat down opposite him.

Sandwiches and fried eggs made by men sell well and smell delicious. Lu Yao nibbles at the eggs. Neither of them speaks. There is only the sound of knife and fork collision on the table.

Lu Yao is used to this kind of life.

After eating, Lu Yao goes to the kitchen with a plate. When she comes out, she accidentally kicks the door panel and sucks the cold air in pain.

After seeing Shao Yunchen, he took the band aid from the cabinet and handed it to her.

“Thank you.” Lu Yao knows that he has always been cold, but his heart is a little sour.

When other people’s wives are injured, their husbands are all concerned about whether it’s OK or not, and squat down to have a look. She and Shao Yunchen are exceptions, like two strangers living under the same roof.

Shao Yunchen did not speak, but turned around and put on his suit.

It has to be said that some men are naturally suitable for wearing suits, especially Shao Yunchen, who has a slender figure and looks very good in a suit. Standing alone is full of air.

“Remember to wash the dishes after eating. Don’t let the sink soak.” At the time of speaking, Shao Yunchen had already put on his leather shoes.

When Lu Yao reacts, the only sound left is the door closing.

Lu Yao holds the posture of squatting there. If Shao Yunchen’s action just made her sour, now she is a little bit cold into her bone marrow, and she only feels bone chilling.

She knew that Shao Yunchen was forced by her father to marry her at first, and she didn’t really love herself.

Even when she got married, Shao Yunchen asked to sign a contract with her, not only before marriage, but also after marriage.

What kind of living expenses each party pays half, can’t have a child in four years, divorce when four years arrive

Lu Yao signed these contracts. She naively thought that she could warm Shao Yunchen’s cold heart.

I didn’t expect that three years later, his attitude was still cold, and all she did was in vain.

You see, from last night to now, he has only said four words.

It’s ridiculous to be married to her.

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Chapter two: borrowing money

After a long time, Lu Yao got up and calmly went to the kitchen to wash the dishes, put them in the disinfection cabinet, changed clothes, went out to the garage to pick up the car, and drove half an hour to the company.

When the staff saw Lu Yao, they said, “good morning, manager Lu.”

“Good morning.” Lu Yao, smiling and nodding, went into the office, took off her coat and asked the assistant, “is general manager Ji here?”

“Here it is, in the office.”

Lu Yao goes to the president’s office and knocks in.

“Is manager Lu here?” General manager Ji saw Lu Yao come in, immediately put down the documents in her hand, asked her to sit in the reception area, and even make tea: “what’s the matter with manager Lu?”

“About borrowing money from you.” Lu Yao didn’t cover it up, and half asked, “Mr. Ji, I’ve been in the company for three years. You know, I hope you can lend me the two million yuan.”

General manager Ji was stunned and puzzled: “manager Lu, I don’t have the final say in the company, and even if I agree, other directors will not agree.”

“I know. Can I borrow it from you alone?” Lu Yao said, “don’t worry. I will pay you back the money for half a year at most, and even add 5% interest to it.”

“Manager Lu, I can’t help it. My wife is in charge of all my money, and you know my wife. If she knows who I lent money to, I’m afraid she won’t have to go home.”

Ji always seemed to think of something and asked Lu Yao, “Hey, I remember your husband is not engaged in investment? Two million is just a little money for him. Why don’t you tell him? “

“He is just a small investment, not much.” When Lu Yao said this, her heart was sour.

After three years of marriage, she knew that Shao Yunchen was an investor and knew nothing about where his company was and how much he earned each month. Moreover, they had a contract, and his money was only his money.

“Manager Lu, it’s not that I don’t want to help. I’m powerless.” General manager Ji poured a cup of tea to Lu Yao. “Let me see. Let’s ask the financial department to give you a raise next month. After all, you are really hard at this time.”

Lu Yao knew that it was meaningless to go on, so she got up and left: “I’m sorry to disturb you for such a long time. Thank you.”

“It’s OK. I didn’t help you. Why don’t you try to get a loan from the bank?”

“Thank you.”

Out of the president’s office, Lu Yao felt a little agitated. She went to the bathroom. Seeing no one, she went into the small cubicle, took out a cigarette box and a lighter from her pocket, and lit a cigarette.

She is not addicted to smoking. Smoking is just for fun. Since she married Shao Yunchen and knew that he hated the smell of cigarettes, she never touched them again. She only recently started smoking and became addicted.

Lu Yao was smoking on the toilet, her face was slightly dignified.

From childhood to adulthood, she was proud of having a father who was a judge. When she was in college, she also wanted to apply for the judicial major, but she was not interested in it. Finally, she chose finance.

In fact, a long time ago, she felt that her family was too “rich”. When she got married, her dowry was rich enough, and her family moved into a three story villa. She always felt that her father made a little more money, but she didn’t think much about it.

Lu Yao didn’t know his father was arrested until a month ago, when his father didn’t go home and the news broadcast that he had a huge amount of corruption.

Mother almost cried blind eyes, anxious hair is white.

Lu Yao is calm enough to pacify her mother and contact a lawyer to try to return the stolen money a little bit.

Several houses in her family were sold, including her dowry room and car. She had the courage to move to Shao Yunchen’s apartment, but it was still two million yuan short. Those relatives were afraid of their family, let alone borrow money.

In the past half a month, she tried to contact all her friends, but she couldn’t borrow any money.

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Chapter 3: is it so hard to put her in the address book?

There were twenty days to go before her father was sentenced, and if she could not raise money to pay it back, she would be afraid that her father would come out of prison with white hair.


Thinking of what general manager Ji just said, Lu Yao hesitated. She took out her mobile phone from her pocket, opened her address book and slid down. She looked at the number that was familiar with her heart.

At the beginning, she gave Shao Yunchen notes about her husband, and added a deliberately in front of her, so that his name is at the top of the address book, and you can see it at a glance.

However, in the past three years, Shao Yunchen called her and sent her a few short messages. Over time, she changed her husband to Shao Yunchen and didn’t disturb him if there was nothing important.

Lu Yao dials a telephone to go over, throw cigarette into toilet by the way, go out to pick up water to gargle.

She has just smoked a cigarette, and her voice is a bit hoarse. If you don’t deal with it, Shao Yunchen will answer her phone and feel that the face on the other end of the phone will certainly become ugly.

“Hello, who is it?”

The phone was connected quickly, but what made Lu Yao shiver was that she was answering a woman who was skilled in asking questions, as if she had received many such calls.

Seeing Lu Yao there, he asked again, “hello?”

Lu Yao took a long time to get back to her thoughts. When she opened her mouth, her voice was hard to hear. “I’m looking for Shao Yunchen. Is he there?”

“Brother Chen is in a meeting.” The woman calls this name casually and naturally, like the party in charge of sovereignty: “please tell me your last name and the customer. I don’t think brother Chen has saved your number…”

Lu Yao did not wait for her to speak, so she hung up in a hurry, shaking her hands. Finally, her mobile phone fell down, smashed a dull sound, and she hurriedly picked it up.

From the broken screen of her mobile phone, Lu Yao looks at her face. She doesn’t know when she has tears. She looks like her family is ruined. How embarrassed she is.

She and Shao Yunchen have been married for three years, three spring, summer, autumn and winter. According to others, even though he is an old husband and wife, he has never saved his own number.

Is it that hard to put her in the address book?

And the woman

Thinking of the phone call three minutes ago, Lu Yao felt cold.

Shao Yunchen’s attitude has always been so cold. Lu Yao has no doubt that he may have raised other women outside. However, they have signed a contract. If he is divorced, he must go out of the house.

Lu Yao has always believed him, but today’s call, the other party’s ambiguous address to Shao Yunchen made her change her mind.

Even, originally her heart that not too obvious slit opened more and more.

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Chapter 4: Assistant

Lu Yao doesn’t care whether it’s Sunday or not, Shao Yunchen will go home.

I left work on time at 5:30 p.m. when I drove by the supermarket, I bought some fresh fruits and vegetables.

She has always been very good at cooking. She learned from her mother. After marriage, she changed her style to cook for Shao Yunchen. However, Shao Yunchen came back once a week according to the contract, and the best dishes at other times were faced by her alone.

For a long time, Lu Yao is too lazy to cook. If Shao Yunchen comes back at the weekend, he will see who is cooking. If he is not there, he will order takeout to solve the problem. Only occasionally, when he is in a good mood, he will cook and play.

The mobile phone in the living room is playing music, and the sound is not small, so Lu Yao, who is busy in the kitchen, naturally doesn’t hear the door opening. She fights with the yellow croaker on the chopping board.


Lu Yao was accidentally scratched when picking the gills. Lu Yao screamed and drew out her fingers, all covered with blood.

She didn’t react. It seemed that someone was approaching behind her. She held her finger and put it under the tap to wash it. His hot palm let Lu Yao miss two beats.

It seems that apart from lips, men are hot everywhere.

“When you buy fish, won’t you let others fix it for you?” Shao Yunchen said that after wiping her fingers with a paper towel and sticking a band aid, her movements looked gentle, but her face was still faint.

Lu Yao murmured in a low voice: “I was in a hurry to buy something, so I forgot…”

Shao Yunchen rolled up his shirt sleeve and showed his thin arm, “I’ll do it tonight.”

“Apron.” Lu Yao took down the apron hanging on the shelf on tiptoe and tried to tie it on for him. “Your shirt is white. It’s hard to wash when oil splashes on it.”

Shao Yunchen looks at her and turns around. Lu Yao quickly puts on an apron for him.

Since both of them had to do housework, she had bought an apron one size larger. Although he was tall, it seemed funny to wear it.

Lu Yao also did not go out, just leaning on the kitchen door, looking at his busy figure. No matter how well-educated a man is, even if he does this kind of work, he is particularly eye-catching. “Well, how did you come back today?”

Although it was agreed that Shao Yunchen would have to go home every Sunday unless Shao Yunchen went on a business trip, Lu Yao thought that he had come back yesterday and would not come back today.

Shao Yunchen did not return, busy washing dishes: “today Sunday.”

“Oh.” Lu Yao’s eyes darkened.

Sure enough, if it wasn’t for the contract, he wouldn’t come back even if it was his apartment?

“Are you calling me this morning Shao Yunchen asked, with an explanation: “the assistant answered the phone and said that someone was looking for me. I turned over my mobile phone and found that it was you who called.”


Does any assistant call his boss “brother Chen” so intimate?

“Just to ask if you can come back.” The sentence “why didn’t you save my number?” Lu Yao still didn’t ask. Just hearing what he said in front of her, she felt uncomfortable and turned to the living room.

Lu Yao is bored with her micro blog. After a while, she is very upset. She can’t help but open Baidu.

When she regained her consciousness, she found that her Baidu was “why my husband didn’t save my number”, or “my husband’s assistant called her husband intimate” and so on.

She can’t help but open a large series of answers, what your husband cheated to be careful, quickly check her husband’s mobile phone to prepare evidence of divorce ah, at least can more money… She laughs, heart sour.

At this time, Shao Yunchen came out of the kitchen with vegetables and called her a sentence: “come and have a meal.”

“Good.” Lu Yao turns off her mobile phone in a hurry.

Lu Yao often looks at Shao Yunchen with complicated eyes, but doesn’t say anything.

After dinner, Shao Yunchen washed the dishes and then went back to the bedroom.

He should be very busy with his work recently. After taking a bath, he went to bed. When Lu Yao came back with a mask, Shao Yunchen was already asleep, with his back to her. Lu Yao felt like a mountain separated from him.

Lu Yao looked at his mobile phone on the bedside table and stood there for a long time. Finally, he couldn’t help it and quietly took it over.

She used Shao Yunchen’s mobile phone when taking photos before, so she knew the password.

After inputting the password, Lu Yao flipped through it casually, which was nothing. Most of the e-mails had been working, and she didn’t understand it. When she turned to the SMS, she held her breath.

It was a short message that I had read, and the content was just a few words: “brother Chen, thank you today. If you are free some other day, please have a good meal.”

Fu Xuezi?

Is that the assistant’s name? Or another woman?

Lu Yao did not know what she felt when she saw this message. If it was not important, Shao Yunchen would have deleted it. She turned off her mobile phone and put it back on the bedside table.

Looking at his broad back, Lu Yao couldn’t help but reach out to encircle his waist.

The next second his hands were gently pulled apart, and even the man moved to the other side, deliberately and she opened the same distance.

Lu Yao was upset by him.

Last night, he was still hard to her, endless, today she wants to hold all can not?

Is there nothing between them except that piece of paper and his physical needs?

Lu Yao thought that maybe after finishing her father’s business, she would ask for a divorce.

Four years is too long. She is too tired to wait.

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Chapter five: French translation

Lu Yao doesn’t know how to fall asleep. When she is a little conscious, her abdomen is suffering from colic.

She knew that it was a sign of her aunt’s coming. Shao Yunchen had come back several times. So this time, Lu Yao subconsciously wanted to find him: “husband, I have a small abdominal pain…”

The hand reaches out and pours in the air.

Lu Yao opened her eyes in a daze, only to find that her side was empty and cold. Obviously, the man had been walking for a long time, and there was a note on the bedside table.

Catch a plane and go on a business trip for three days

Shao Yunchen’s words are as neat as others. The distance between each word is just right.

Lu Yao clenched the note tightly in her arms. The string in her heart finally broke, and she cried.

For three years, when he did not come back, she had spent countless days and nights by herself, but she had never felt as miserable as she was now.

With her aunt’s pain and she didn’t notice the cold, Lu Yao felt sick all over. She called the company to ask for leave, turned off the phone, and slept under the quilt. When she was hungry, she took out some porridge.

Two days later, the cold was cured and people were finally much more comfortable.

Lu Yao got up and took a bath. She was much more comfortable. She called Zhou Linlin and said, “Lin, I have something to ask for your help.”

Zhou Linlin asked, “what’s the matter?”

“Do you have any money? Can you lend me some?” Lu Yao knows that Zhou Linlin’s well-off family, her parents are working, a month’s salary is not high, but she really has no way.

“Is it about your father?”

Lu Yao said.

The first judge of the southern city fell down, and the news was so overwhelming that beggars knew it.

“I’m on the night shift and can’t leave.” Zhou Linlin said, “I use my mobile phone to transfer 80000 yuan to you. Although it’s a little small, I can only take out so much at present. I’ll think about other ways.”

“That’s enough. I’ll figure out the rest.” Lu Yao didn’t know what to say. She was blocked in her heart: “Lin, thank you very much. You helped me a lot.”

Zhou Linlin scorned: “it’s not the first day I met. Oh, by the way, didn’t you learn French? I have a guest who needs a French interpreter. 100000 a night. Would you like to try it? “

“100000?” With a negotiation, you can get 100000 yuan, which is a life-saving straw for Lu Yao. At present, what she needs is money, “go! Give me your contact information. “

“But they drink a lot. Can you carry it?”

“It’s OK, it’s OK. Didn’t we drink a lot when we were reading before? You don’t know how much I can drink?”

“That’s fine.”

After two or three conversations, Zhou Linlin sent a number.

Lu Yao dials the other party. As soon as she says Zhou Linlin’s name, the other party knows. She asks her to bring her own clothes. I’ll see you at the Heyue hotel at 6:00 p.m., and Lu Yao takes a paper note.

Taking three minutes to negotiate and win this high temporary translator, Lu Yao is in a good mood and just wants to scream.

She can get 180000 by borrowing and earning!

Lu Yao was very cautious about this temporary job. She tossed about in the closet for several hours. After catching sight of the time, she quickly put on her makeup and went out with her bag key.

About ten minutes later, the taxi arrived at the Hyatt Hotel.

Lu Yao just told the waiter her mobile phone number, and the waiter knew which guest in the private room led her to the third floor. The long corridor was covered with soft red carpet, and there was no sound when stepping on it.

There were only four people in the private room. Lu Yao could see at a glance which one was the leader. He stretched out his hand: “Mr. Chen, I am Lu Yao, the French interpreter for this time.”

“Oh, oh, here it is?” Seeing Lu Yao say hello to herself as soon as she enters the door. In addition, she is well dressed and has a natural temperament. Mr. Chen is quite appreciative and shakes hands with her.

Mr. Chen and Lu Yao introduced the people around him and today’s negotiation meeting in two or three sentences. As for the export of commodities, the other side represented the French, so they asked for translation.

It wasn’t long before the other representative came.

The representative is French, but with his assistant and two other bosses, Lu Yao is familiar with one of the tall men

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