ShareX SEXC world debut online!

Edit: pencil casen opens at 14:00 on January 18, 2018 SEXC recharge!n
January 19, 2018 14:00 Open SEXC deal!n

【Background of the project】 n
ShareX is an innovative company based in the blockchain technology for equity registration and exchange for unlisted companies. ShareX joins forces with potential shares in the most professional equity transfer platform in the country to create an equity asset management system based on blockchain technology that helps global stakeholders to manage and trade equity assets easily, safely, credible and efficiently . At present, there are totally more than 700 celebrity-owned companies entrusted with the equity transfer needs and 50,000 institutional investors have been accumulated.n
ShareX has been heavily invested by Nodal Capital, Jiuding Blockchain Asset Laboratory, Banknote Capital, Prophet Capital, Viking Capital, InkLabs Foundation and other well-known fund in the venture capital sector.n
【Project Information】 n
Tokens Name: Potential Currency (SEXC);n
Official website: https: //;n
Total circulation: 2 billion pieces.n
【Activities】 n
1, a total reward activities: 5 million SEXC;n
2, activity time: 2018.1.19 14:00 – 2018.1.26 14:00;n
Air Pitt Welfare 1: Enter the ShareX official telegram group: https: //, send 10 SEXC, invite friends into the group sent 15 SEXC;n
Air Pitt Welfare 2: Every SEXC in the EXX account has 100 SEXC coins before 14:00 on January 19, 2018. During the event, SEXCs ranging from 1 to 20 can be randomly selected from the first SEXC sweepstakes.n
Airing Welfare 3: during the event, where EXX first single SEXC buy 100 SEXC, that is, 10 SEXC randomly presented; the first single SEXC sell 100 SEXC, that is, giving 5 SEXC;n
Air Pitt Welfare 4: During the event, the cumulative top SEXC buying and selling volume of the top 500, will receive the following awards:n
nTop1: reward 50000 SEXC;n
Top2-20: Reward 10,000 SEXC;n
TOP21-50: reward 5000 SEXC;n
TOP51-100: Award 2500 SEXC;n
TOP101-500: Reward 500 SEXC;n
Welfare 2 and Welfare 3 are credited to the account within one week after the event ends.n
The final interpretation of this event belongs to SHAREX.n
For details, please contact the official Customer Service ShareX (micro signal: sharex000, sharex001)n
Please join the official community:n
Telegram Telegram Group
Telegram Official Channel
(Note that scientific Internet, links in the non-WeChat browser to open)n

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