Shenzhou Digital CEO Sun Jiangtao Attends the China Finnish Entrepreneurs Symposium: Grasp the New Financial Opportunity of Block Chain

nJune 28, the Chinese Finnish entrepreneurs symposium held in Beijing, China Digital (08255.HK) CEO Sun Jiangtao invited to attend.n
nDigital China (08255.HK) CEO Sun Jiangtao (Figure 3) said that China Digital Technology Corporation is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the future focus on the layout of the chain of chain technology and other areas of science and technology, is currently actively in the global expansion of new financial business. One of the important topics of the China Summer Davos Forum is the rise of the chain technology and the value of the Internet, China Digital Group’s internal incubation of the chain chain enterprise “letter and cloud” and other scale and are entering overseas financial markets, with a view to Enhance the efficiency of traditional banking industry through block chain technology.n
nSun Zhitao stressed that in the “one way” national policy support, Divine Digital will actively grasp the financial and technological opportunities to the sea. Finnish financial technology and game industry developed, Divine Digital is very much hope to copy the success of the Group in Finland model, based on the Finnish-based Nordic and even the entire European overseas users, and with the Finnish financial technology companies to work together through the block chain technology to improve traditional financial efficiency Then
nAt the symposium, Jari Gustafsson, Minister of Economy and Employment of Finnish, pointed out that the relations between the two countries have developed well, the political environment is stable and the economic cooperation is deep and hope that the two countries will further strengthen economic and trade exchanges and jointly expand their investment , Financial technology, environment and clean technology, tourism, winter sports, Arctic affairs and other fields of cooperation. Jari Gustafsson stressed that the Finnish government and people warmly welcome Sun Zhetao and other Chinese entrepreneurs here to cooperate with Finland.n

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