Shipping giants use block chains to attack network attacks on the industry

nnnThe recent shipping industry has been attacked by the network, resulting in Maersk and other shipping companies paralyzed the network, unable to provide customer service. Shipping company MTI in order to prevent this attack, carried out a block chain pilot. And with some other institutions and block chain companies to develop shipping management process to simplify the program.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nShipping company MTI (Marine Transport International) has completed a block chain pilot, aimed at defending NotPetya type of network attacks.n
nMTI, which works with the University of Copenhagen and Agility Sciences based on the block chain, said that the MTI at the Container Streams project could reduce “up to 90% of administrative costs” at a news conference.n
nChief Executive Officer Jody Cleworth said:n
nn”In recent months the shipping industry has been a large-scale network attacks, so that large shipping companies, such as Maersk completely paralyzed, unable to provide customer service.”n
n”Block-based supply chain protection against network attacks is very strong, important shipping data backup stored in the center to the network, that is even if a node has been attacked, the data are still safe.”n
nnInternational logistics has always been the main goal of industry participants, hoping to save cost and reduce paperwork through block-chain technology.n
nThis month Maersk, Pacific Lines International, in partnership with IBM, increased the efficiency of a block-based chain solution based on Hyperledger, one of the IBM block chain projects that will enter the global economy this year.n
nUniversity of Copenhagen, Department of Computer Science Karim Jabbar said:n
nn”This pilot demonstrates the potential of distributed book technology to improve the supply chain process.”n
n”Container Streams system uniqueness is that it does not need to completely replace the existing system, MTI’s solution to achieve with the existing traditional infrastructure completely interoperable.”n
nnNotPetya virus attacks several months after WannaCry, the latter is Bittone blackmail software, leading to paralysis of computer systems for global companies and institutions.n
nThe NotPetya name comes from the Petya virus whose interface is similar to 2016, although the researchers found that the motives for these two attacks were not common.n

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