Showcoin Showcoin: Why the blockchain live soaring

n- The vitality of the de-centralized organization is much larger than the organization controlled by the central government, which is the ultimate form of human society. (Hu Zhensheng)n
Reporter: pencil boxn
Recently a very cattle project – show (Show.One) turned out. Show.One will be the hottest live and blockchain at the moment combined to subvert the current broadcast industry, to create a fair and impartial, decentralized live broadcast platform. So, in the end this project worth the investment? Next, let me bring you a deep analysis of the project.n
First, the project profilen
Show.One is an interactive live distribution SAAS platform based on the ETH blockchain infrastructure where people can build their own decentralized live broadcasts such as games, social networking, ecommerce, education and more. Showcoin is its distribution tokens, the world’s first digital cryptographic virtual currency designed for live digital entertainment distribution services and products. On this platform, various forms of organizations under the background of different countries and cultures in different cultures and languages ​​will be provided with an open ecological environment.n

Second, the nature of the projectn
From the above project profile, we can find the main two aspects of the project content:n
Live to go centern
1, liven
The project, in the final analysis, is still to create a live platform, but relative to the current live platform, show (Show.One) is trying to create a go central company, direct producer and consumer point-to-point platform, committed to building Fair and just broadcast platform. The show will work with some of the world’s leading entertainment companies, such as Victoria’s Secret, to provide the world’s best celebrity and supermodel-based point-to-point live broadcast service based on entertainment, cosmetics, make-up and e-commerce content Mainly.n
2, to the centern
The show currency directly enables eco-producers to choose their own smart contracts and decide the profit-sharing mechanism themselves. Consumers directly point to the vote and consumption of consumer content point-to-point contact to the producer, so that the flow of show coins can be traced retrospectively and publicly. At the same time, for the system maintenance costs, end-to-end on a single live, a single user charge, do not take a fair share, and financial disclosure, to be fair.n
Third, investment advantagesn
1, a strong cornerstone investment agency endorsementn
According to a white paper publicized by Show.One, there are currently well-known investment institutions such as Coin Capital, Dfund, LinkVC, Starlink Capital and Node Capital Coin as their cornerstone investors, with an overview of these affiliates Projects have achieved superb ROI, such as: Li Xiaolai as China’s richest bitcoin, the coin capital as a blockchain investment leverage, investment in EOS, PressOne and other projects have achieved higher rates of return. Therefore, we have reason to believe that these investment institutions are willing to invest Show (Show.One) even after seeing the vast investment space of the future focused on the live broadcasting platform.n

2, a senior founding teamn
The show’s core founding teams are all micro-beat and pepper live team members have many years of experience in the field of mobile live and accumulation, the core members have more than five years of joint venture history.n
Hu Zhensheng, founder of Microblogging (millions of users broken, App break millions, Apple Store ranked first) founder, former pepper (users of millions of users of the representative of 2016), is also Bitcoin experts have used the core team to translate the latest version of the bitcoin white paper in China and publish it on a wide range of known and major social media. Chief architect Huang Ya Guan (Tsinghua University, Ph.D. in computer software), former co-founder of Microphone, chief operating officer Chen Chen was former director of the pepper and the video market. Chief Design Officer Modo served as Microphone and Pepper Design Director.n
From the founding team’s experience we can find that they have rich and successful entrepreneurial experience and they have worked together to complete successful projects. Therefore, we have reason to believe that they will again have a successful and successful teamwork this time.n

3, high-quality live platformn
Show.One can significantly reduce operating costs relative to other live platforms. Professional traffic distribution agencies and the single spread of the proceeds received by the percentage of the self-set by the anchor, to the center, a high degree of autonomy and reduce management fees, while reducing the anchor and the platform due to conflicts of interest arising from litigation, reduce the platform Operating expenses.n
Appeals All transactions are posted to all participants through a distributed ledger on the blockchain to ensure openness and fairness. The system will provide user-friendly interface to facilitate public inquiries.n
Through the introduction of the time factor of the coin voting algorithm, effectively avoid the swirling behavior of regal, fair and impartial calculation of the value of live video, so that consumers to vote, the platform does not interfere with them, to avoid internal operation, survival of the fittest, high-quality anchor will be retained by the audience , Poor live video will be eliminated, forming a harmonious and open competitive environment.n

n4, the famous blockchain investors as cornerstone investorsn
Li Jiaolai (Coin Capital), Lin Jiapeng (LinkVC Digital Monetary Fund), Kevin CHIU (Star Capital Partners), Zhao Dong (Ink Weather Co-Founder), Du Jun (Co-founder of Train Network) Cloud founder), Qiao Shuai (one billion Qingchen Chenuang fund management partner), etc., are familiar with coin circle investors know that these investors are the currency circle of investment in coffee, the project handled by Get a very high rate of return, in their endorsement, we can see show (Show.One) great future investment prospects.n

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