Si Pei: Nightingale, to help you become the “warm seasons” for the first time public digital tracking

Si Pei: Nightingale, to help you become the “warm seasons” for the first time public digital tracking

In June 12th, China’s first digital public organizations “warm seasons” (Eternal Spring) combined with large domestic trading platform bitcoin bitcoin trading network ( and the nonprofit organization launched a charity donation for leukemia girl Wang Sipei.

Wang Sipei, the students of Chengdu medical school, with leukemia she insists on joining the nurse practicing qualification examination, almost fell down in the examination room, only to be like Nightingale “Lantern girl”! Mother in prison, his father died, her poor family, unable to pay the huge cost of treatment. “I want to live, because I want to be a nurse” became her desire.


Compared with the traditional charitable donation, digital asset solicitation has open and transparent characteristics of anyone available, each digital donation can use called “block browsing” technology to check the amount and direction of. We will be through the “block browsing technology to query results for the corresponding publicity as follows, five days to get a total of about 4040 yuan (equivalent RMB donation details please

Bitcoin temporarily received 10 donation, a total of 0.3741 BTC, with a BTC price 3710 yuan calculation, equivalent to about 1400 yuan;

Click the query BTC account details

Wright currency temporarily received 4 pen donations, a total of 7.09 LTC, with a LTC price 61 yuan calculation, equivalent to about 440 yuan;

Click the query LTC account details

   The dog coins temporarily received 120 donation, a total of 948743 DOGE, the current price of 0.0023 yuan, equivalent to about 2200 yuan;

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The gold coin temporarily received a donation; a total of 0.04YBC click the query YBC account details

As of press time, the fund-raising activities is still in progress, the data is not difficult to see that in the world has been to public welfare, charity for virtual currency “dog coins” in China also has very many supporters, BtcTrade donated dog coins only 3 days have obtained 120 donation.

Finally, I sincerely thank you for the donations of caring people, as long as everyone gave a love, the world will become better.

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