SIA announces an integral wallet based on blockchain

nRunaway Comment: Singapore Airlines, the largest airline in Singapore, announced the use of blockchain technology for its milestone program for frequent flyer program KrisFlyer, using a proprietary chain. Through this program, passengers can purchase goods and services at retailers that operate at airports. The company is currently signing a retailer cooperation agreement, the project has also completed the proof of concept, the only temporary service in Singapore. At present, many airline companies in the world are engaged in the project of encrypting money consumption and ticketing.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Singapore’s largest airline uses blockchain technology to stimulate mileage usage.n
February 5 Singapore Airlines (SIA) issued a statement within six months for frequent flyer program KrisFlyer launched a digital wallet, and the use of the private chain.n
SIA said the blockchain-based wallets will allow KrisFlyer members to use Mileage Points for POS transactions at participating retailers.n
The company said it has successfully completed proof-of-concept tests with KPMG and Microsoft in the early stages of the project, and is currently in the early stages of signing up for a partner retailer that joins the blockchain service.n
This is the latest project where airports and airlines use blockchain to boost their business.n
Earlier news reports, Brisbane Airport in Australia also provide bitcoin payment services at some airport shopping and dining facilities.n
In addition, the United States Airways Surf Air has announced the acceptance of encrypted currency to buy tickets, the Russian airline S7 is also exploring the blockchain technology in ticketing applications.n

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