Since bitcoin cash protocol upgrade, there have been many problems

Since bitcoin cash network protocols to upgrade, there have been many problems. Not only because bitcoin cash SV first seems to pose a real threat, but also because of the recent upgrade client node. So far, it seems that most node operators do not intend to upgrade this client.

This is not the first time in the bitcoin cash nodes carry significant discussion. More specifically, from the beginning, the project to node centralized form a growing threat. Despite the sudden appearance of a new problem, but it seems that things may begin to move forward.

A few days ago, bitcoin ABC developers launched a new client. The latest version introduces a function, make sure that no one can re organize the BCH block chain.

Unfortunately, it seems that most bitcoin operators based on ABC nodes are not upgraded to the new client. Although most nodes actually is running 0.18.0 or higher version of the old version is actually considered to node network upgrade but there are still more problems. Any node is not running 0.184 or higher version of the “fork” checkpoint system.

More specifically, according to the node information at this point in 7/10 does not include the checkpoint system. In theory, it will be exposed to these nodes, effectively allowing miners to create ten piece of their own bifurcation when they need. This does not mean that some events along these lines will happen, but people need to pay attention to this point. If there is such a branch, it is difficult to predict the impact of BCH network.

Surprisingly, at present, few people seem to effectively use the latest bitcoin ABC 0.18.5. Coin Dance provides information to confirm that it is only used to achieve 99 network nodes. Considering a total of more than 1060 ABC nodes, the statistical data is first a little worrisome.

Although these statistics may not necessarily indicate bitcoin cash network itself has any major problems, but obviously things did not look like other people believe that good. The owner node has no reason not to upgrade the software at the launch of the new update. Especially when these upgrades, including key changes to make the network more secure for all users.

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