Since bitcoin since the fall, exceeded $4000 for the first time, crypto currency rebound

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Today morning, bitcoin to stop the ongoing recession, encryption market has gradually begun to rebound, most encryption currency transactions grew by more than 10%, but bitcoin is currently growing 13%.

Bitcoin is currently priced at $4200, up 13%, far more than most of the encryption currency. Bitcoin seems to have $3600 as temporary support, since November 25th, the price level has been supported by many times to keep.

Early this week, before bitcoin fell to lows of $3600, it has determined the price of $4200 was unable to maintain the level of support, so traders should observe whether BTC can break through this level, or whether they need to buy more to promote bitcoin prices.

Market analyst AlexanderKuptsikevich FXProInsight recently in an interview with MarketWatch about the recent bitcoin prices, said bitcoin now and in the future in the 3500 dollar is one of the important signs, because the price level is September 2017 bitcoin started soaring price.

At present, the price of many encryption currency began to rebound, XRP shares for $0.385, or 10.6%, much higher than the recent low of $0.32. XRP’s share price is still much higher than the 2018 low of $0.24, which is likely to be due to the application of this encryption currency in the real world are increasing, such as xRapidSettingSystem and Coil Internet based incentive plan.

Etherum’s current share price of $118, the current rose more than 12%, 18% higher than the low of $100 in 2018.

LTC is one of the best encryption currency, the current trading price of $34.30, or more than 16%, much higher than the 2018 low of $27.

As for this rally is sustainable in the long term, still need some time to observe, if the market continued to fall in the next few days, $3600 is likely to become the first major bitcoin support.

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