Since November, the capacity of the bitcoin lightning network has doubled two times

Lightning network continues to increase at an alarming rate, now capacity reached 460 BTC, according to reports of more than 16000 channels.

Lightning network acceleration

Feel, lightning network (LN) – bitcoin, full of go frugal young apprentice — every two weeks in the news. Of course, lightning network often break a new milepost, although it is fair to say that the measure need to use multiple criteria.

Only last month, lightning network has 4000 nodes, then the capacity of more than $2 million worth of bitcoin. Although bitcoin’s value had dropped, but bitcoin productivity continued to rise. According to data, as of press time lightning network capacity has reached 460 BTC.

The number of open channels also continues to increase, exceeded 16500, while the node has increased to 4300+.

Humble beginnings

For this young start-up company is very impressive, Blockstream1 month launched in the main online only about 50 nodes. In the first two weeks of its life, an increase of 4 BTC capacity in the network, and from then on exponential growth.

Since then, the current capacity of the excitement that spurred the growth of 10000%. Although we must remember that never existed to any existence period of growth is infinite, so maybe this is not a very good measure?

Compared with the contrast has just released the lightning network, considering the past within one month of the expansion of the network may be more useful. Although the open channel steady growth throughout the year, but last month’s production capacity has exploded. From the beginning of November about 122 BTC to 460 BTC today, which in the past month increased four times.

Payment of the future

Therefore, the use of the amount of last month increased significantly, partly because the industry is widely used and community support. More than 4000 CoinGate businesses recently added lightning network support, we have seen the development of micro payment for instant case. But in the future?

It is important not to forget the lightning network is still just a formal experiment, and in “test”. Although the bitcoin community is very excited, but before 100% confirmed in its robustness, lightning network may grow too big”.

In the final confirmation before, expect to see the emergence of new milepost, and lightning network more robust increasingly perfect.

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