Since November this year, the price of bitcoin has been bluff, bear market, what are everyone doing?

Bitcoin since 2009 years since the birth of repeated death has been declared 300. This year 11 months, bitcoin prices showed a cliff trend, fell to $3600 from $6500, more than 30 days fell by 40%. For a time, “the skin does not exist maojiangyanfu” to describe this industry chain around the block, block chain death the voice began to appear.

Recently, the reporter visited more than a dozen block chain company known as “blockchain universe center” of the Hangzhou Xixi’s first, on the problem of the current business, operations, employee status, how did the interview bear etc..

This time, we met because can not afford the high cost of office space and is about to leave the team, has also been a concentrate block chain technology team politely refused. But most of the companies we interviewed said that although the market is the biggest impact on company business needs to reduce operating difficulty increases, but they are still optimistic about the future development of the industry chain block.

Some people hold the encrypted digital currency, said in an interview, the most worried about is the price of bitcoin zero. But some people believe that bitcoin prices never zero, their beliefs never collapse. Even in the face of digital assets shrink by up to 80%, many practitioners still work in a calm mood. For they have earned wealth in the bull market, they have the ability and wealth does not match the views, can earn just because of his good luck.

The nature of the investment is the realization of cognitive ability, it is very difficult for us to earn money not to see. In the block chain industry, no matter for sooner or later, learning is full of necessity. Therefore, more bear learners, financial knowledge and block chain of knowledge is the foundation of most people choose the direction of.

EOS co-founder Wu Xi force : the force is to make the underlying public chain development, technology and operation still according to the original plan, the number of employees are not change to the domestic market impact is relatively large expansion not so quickly. Now I worry about market will last three to four years, and my ideal is one to one and a half years. Comparison of the effects of mood is possible next year you will have a friend to leave the industry within the industry…… But I have confidence in the industry, will always stick to it.

A reluctance to disclose the company and personal information practitioners : our company by the market impact is not too large, the overtime work overtime, work passion as before. For me, the biggest impact is food changed. Used to go to the hotel, now only eat meals in the cafeteria dining room, the mood is not so good. So I was most worried about now is how long to eat in the cafeteria. But from another point of view, the winter is not good, it can make a lot of people down to focus on technology, which is no longer just to see a currency prices. In fact, even if bitcoin is zero, is not representative of the block chain collapse, can only say that the blockchain want to change a play. At the same time, I also hope that as soon as possible in the past winter, let the blockchain meet the next wave tide..

ImApp co-founder Ding Baifeng : now is the bear market, we App active users is reduced, but the effect is not so important. Whether bull or bear market, we have to put the things to do. In fact, now blockchain annual exposure is increasing, more and more people want to enter the industry and technology, more and more people with pure currency less. I participate in a few trash items in the bull market, so there is no worry about what. But now I pay more attention to the global situation, technology breakthrough and landing. I hope people see some coins ring, bear hoard coins, the bull market to make money. Do the peace of mind to do, concentrate on doing, there will be explosive.

9 billion financial editor Tiffany : we are content to do, feel this year from 8 September to start the whole circle of relatively sluggish state, everyone except the currency price fell outside as if there is no better content. Overall, the content is the soul of the media. For content creation, we should not only stare at the market, we should pay more attention to the future development trend of the industry.

One has not yet disclose the name of the media operators : I agree blockchain advocated the concept of entering this industry is very happy. I am happy because I met this revolution, not because of how much money in this industry and happy, money is not ability because of luck. I was born not technical, but I think the blockchain has financial attributes, so I am learning financial knowledge.

Winter filter to vanity, not all the blockchain currency price. Now, if we focus on the block chain technology, R & D, found here gathered a group of dedicated block chain technology application, even from the blockchain bottom protocol programming, looking through the block chain changed the world geeks. From Nakamoto bitcoin released white paper since 10 years, the block chain in the consensus mechanism, privacy technology, has made some progress in expansion of technology etc.. The origin, data transaction, assets chain, digital identity and other ground applications has begun.

Block chain is a digital technology revolution, it is in the stage of acceptance of new technology. The future, there will be many new applications and uses to be developed. At this stage, will make the industry chain block Xijinqianhua, away from the impetuous, steady progress!

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