Singapore Interpol to create digital currency crime

Singapore Interpol to create digital currency crime

In this world we every day around more and more digital, for shopping, entertainment and is now associated with bitcoin financial, legal thinking to fight every day in the new digital currency crime. Just like more than 20 years ago as the Internet crime before they become mainstream, usually through the innovation of new technology leap in law. Sometimes, the relevant departments may take ten years to catch up. Now, they have the latest technology, and the law is considering Singapore began to cut the learning curve.

Welcome to the new global innovation agency Interpol to Singapore (IGCI), which is the most advanced anti crime organizations of the state, from the beginning of design is to train people to capture digital crime now. The agency this week formal operation, the first digital crime center with international police and the latest network crime research and development facilities.

Held at the sands Expo and Convention Center once the securities trading activities this week for two years, the progress of network innovation and extension of the IGCI Madan Mohan Oberoi IGCI director has been talked about. With more than 30 staff, including from the Singapore police force, they have developed internal forensics tools. IGCI even went so far as to create their own encryption currency, in order to better understand and combat and virtual currency (bitcoin) network crime related. The use of digital currency to create a scene in a specially designed training game, but in the scene of encryption currency can be used for good and bad use.

IGCI also pointed out that the market of digital currency weakness, they can be used for a variety of computer practical joke, like Malware mass posting. The development team supervision tracking device Oberoi, these devices can help users find these devices. With the new application, change of encryption currency has been very fast; when the more widely used, there will be a new challenge. The virtual currency is in the search and seizure, protect them, and actually they appear in court is now focus on the idea of IGCI.

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