Six judge told you: what is the real “blockchain + agriculture”?

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Block chain “is one of the hot words. It is no exaggeration to say that the blockchain in industry, as the hard disk to 1980 in the computer, the Internet business in 2000 years. Although the government’s attitude is very clear: with the combination of industry, production and consumption of service, but the block chain is the underlying technology, specifically how to service, especially the combination of Token and industry behind algorithm how to do? How to implement the technology to the industry, it is all professionals are struggling to solve the problem, so the industry needs to hand creators – you should you dare to think, perhaps in the future may be realized; on the other hand, but also provides a breeding ground for some scam.

Now, there have been some characteristics like “southeast rubber stock” combined with the “block chain and industrial projects”. The effect of these projects is through a variety of high-tech will be one or some of the country’s agriculture, forest, and farmland block chain “.

For example, a block of agricultural chain project, the project looks logic sense; do promotional videos, copywriting logic seems reasonable, and I English interpretation; sent to the white paper is like Taobao to spend thousands of dollars to find someone to write, the clarity of elements is comprehensive.

But the biggest show of two feet:

First, the team is invented. There is a co-founder and chief operating officer, is very familiar, the white paper from a singer’s photos have not been PS. There are several other, one is obviously a kidney in health care products advertising in foreign male image.

In section two, the key project foundation work done without the person, also do not have any information. In other words the whole project financing, just a idea, but also in Southeast Asia countries agriculture industry idea, and do not say whether the country has potential safety problems, even the most basic situation, for example the property, production relations, local productivity improvement cost, do not involve – obviously they don’t know.

The characteristics of financial fraud are almost in the blockchain field; there are many familiar scenes are already on the market, but more than a block chain concept. This routine has always been there, but in addition to hard code hard emerge in an endless stream, lie outside, also including but not limited to: the government has not endorsed the banner highfalutin pull the relevant person to attend, but can not pull the celebrity endorsement confirmation, PS platform case and others, is known as the inside of his own people, others go to cut leek; do not do the most basic the work of the project, is known as the “Military” or “big brother” escort etc……. All of these may be suspected of fraud, financial fraud or crime of disrupting the market economic order.

How to identify the real “block chain industry”?

As a metaphor, block chain industry several years ago as financial software, “finance” the work is first of all there is the use of the “software”, makes the financial work more clear, intensive and global, to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and even the “financial” co production, intensive resources,

Block chain service industry “, or” industrial upgrading “by the blockchain correct interpretation is: block chain is a technology that will block chain technology and block chain thinking to the industry, the industry is the timely assistance or icing on the cake, but the real subject is the industry. This industry is likely to be original. At present, may also have been a part of the industrial chain, chain blocks in their own unique way, carries on the accounting, integration, upgrade, and even the “industrial revolution”.

The agriculture of our country is to provide supporting infrastructure and the development of the national economy, belongs to the first industry, this is a relationship beneficial to the people’s livelihood, full of business opportunities in the industry, but also need a high degree of responsibility of the industry.

What is the blockchain + agricultural real?

Block chain + real agricultural industry, can meet and solve several pain points:

1, the Internet of things

The main factors restricting agricultural IOT popularization is the application of cost and high maintenance cost, poor performance. But the Internet is the center of management, with the surge of networking equipment, data center infrastructure investment and maintenance costs are difficult to measure.

A combination of things and the blockchain will enable the equipment to realize self management and maintenance, which eliminates the need to control for the maintenance of the high cost of the cloud center, reduce the Post Internet equipment maintenance costs, help to improve the agricultural IOT intelligent and scale level.

2, big data

Three major achievements of the traditional database, relational model, transaction processing, query optimization, database technology in the continuous development. With the future of the establishment of agricultural data collection system, how to solve the authenticity and validity of the data on the scale, the problem faced by the whole society. To block chain as the representative of the technology of reliable data can not be forged, not tampered with these requirements, compared to today’s database, is a new starting point.

3, quality and safety traceability

In the process of agricultural industrialization, the production and consumption of distance, consumers simply do not understand the use of chemical fertilizer, pesticide producers and transport, processing additives and other information, consumer confidence for production decreased.

The traceability system of agricultural products based on block chain technology, all the data once recorded books will not be changed in block chain, relying on advanced technology and asymmetric encryption algorithm mathematics fundamentally eliminate human factors, making the information more transparent.

4, rural finance

Difficult loans to farmers on the whole, the main reason is the lack of effective collateral, after all is the lack of credit guarantee mechanism. Attribute block chain technology open, can not be tampered with, may be provided to the center of the trust mechanism.

When the new agricultural business entities apply for loans, the need to provide the credit information, the corresponding information data which need to rely on banks, insurance or credit records. But the existence of incomplete information, the data is not accurate, the use of high cost. But it is on the block chain program algorithm automatically record information, and stored in each computer block chain network, information transparency, tampering with high difficulty and low use cost. Therefore, the loan application is no longer dependent on bank credit companies and other intermediaries, credit certificate, loan information can be retrieved through the corresponding data block chain.

5, agricultural insurance

Agricultural insurance coverage is low, varieties of small, often occur pianbao events. After the block chain and combination of agricultural insurance, agricultural insurance will have much room for improvement in the agricultural intellectual property protection and agricultural property transactions, and will greatly simplify the agricultural insurance process.

In addition, because the smart contract is an important concept in the blockchain, so the intelligent concepts used in agricultural insurance contracts, agricultural insurance claims will make more intelligent. If the occurrence of natural disasters of agriculture before the corresponding claims cycle will be longer. After the contract will use intelligent block chain, once detected, agricultural disaster, will automatically start the payment process, the payment is more efficient.

6, supply chain

Block chain technology is helpful to improve the efficiency of supply chain management. Because the data in the transaction between the parties to open and transparent information flow, so as to form a complete and smooth in the whole supply chain, it can ensure that all parties involved in the operation of supply chain system to find out existing problems in the process, and to find solutions to the problem, and thus enhance the overall efficiency of the supply chain management.

Block chain supply chain technology can avoid disputes. The data can not be tampered with and the time stamps of the proof of the existence of characteristics can be used to solve the dispute between the main body involved in the supply chain system, easy proof and accountability. Block chain technology can be used for security products. The data can not be tampered with the transaction can be traced back two characteristics of the combination, can eliminate the problem of fake and shoddy products in the supply chain transfer process.

In potato production as an example, the potato production process data will be uploaded to the distributed storage books, books can not be tampered with the formation of content, to provide consumers with access to the purchaser.

For example, the procurement process record of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, from the source to avoid the problem of heavy metal exceed the standard and exceed the standard of pesticide residues; through data analysis, the establishment of growers and buyers credit rating references; the use of intelligent contract guarantees the fair trade between farmers and buyers. The sales process to sorting and processing information such as the distributed books store, to ensure the integrity of transparent information to stakeholders.

So, in this process, the largest specialty chain blocks, namely distributed books advantage is how to reflect it? In this regard, the purchaser will be sent to the past before purchasing the potato growers out of a high price. However, when farmers from the potatoes in the dug out, farmers often can not contact the person, then the purchaser to send another person, using potatoes in the fields is not easy storage factors, significantly lower the price of potatoes. After using the block chain technology, each transaction is open to all people, can solve this problem.

To achieve full utilization of block distribution chain technology, let consumers and growers and buyers, wholesalers are synchronized to prevent tampering with the accounting, can use the mutual benefit between incompatible mechanism to balance to ensure data authenticity, avoid the risk of the convergence of interest under concerted action.

The traceability system is the traditional single company’s own individual behavior, as both player and referee, the credibility of the weak. Using the block chain technology, distributed to farmers, cooperatives, book dealers, consumer organizations together to record the planting information utilization characteristics can not be tampered with to play the role of information transparency.

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