Sleeping with the enemy: whether the traditional institutions into the agency will hurt bitcoin?

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 Sleeping with the enemy: whether the traditional institutions into the agency will hurt bitcoin?

(founded by Winklevoss brothers Gemini encryption currency exchange is advertising its “regulated” platform position, as to attract institutional support chips.)

Recently, the Wall Street financial institutions bitcoin voice changed, 2019 seems to be started using encryption currency a year. However, when these institutions really set foot on the crypto currency territory, don’t forget they were holding a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, crypto currency prices will rise in the short to medium term, it is very easy to think of the results; on the other hand, bitcoin was originally designed to subvert the financial elite ingrained descent, but now it is forced to walk in “sleeping with the enemy” on the road.

Bitcoin “Overton window”

“Overton window” refers to a series of concepts that were allowed to discuss in the public domain. The “window” of the topic will be banned or censored, but will be buried deep, that most people do not know that they exist. Until a few years later, people will dark corners in the Internet to find them very casual way.

When the leader in certain areas of the need to protect their vested interest, they will be very happy to adjust the window length and width, to keep the scope of the preferences window.

For example, in Reddit and other social forum, unfavorable comments about encryption currency to be deleted, this is not what surprising thing, especially considering that many avid encryption currency holders want to protect their investment interests.

There is evidence that when the agencies concerned coins ring, attack crypto currency speech on social network forum will always be the most scathing review. The above mentioned mechanism refers to the mechanism behind the development lead coin circle Blockstream financial supporters, including the AXA venture partners (the world’s second-largest Financial Services Company AXA Group Investment Department).

Since 2016, Blockstream has been helping to guide the development of bitcoin. People did not know this, probably because the “Overton window” set for most people to know this.

It was revealed that Blockstream plans to enterprise sales side chain, monthly fixed fees, transaction fees, or even sell hardware that has sparked controversy, because it employs Blockstream and engineers also bitcoin core developers, and these people want to block size restrictions within the lower values, so Blockstream will be able to profit.

 Sleeping with the enemy: whether the traditional institutions into the agency will hurt bitcoin?

Recently, a British computer scientist, inventor of the world wide web, Tim Berners Lee said publicly regretted has not yet been achieved on the Internet in the original dream. He said, “unfortunately, now the Internet is not our imagination in the network.”

Bernas Lee said that in early 1990s, the concept of Internet commitment is “free, open, anonymous, to the center”; and the Internet as we know it today it is subject to review, control, tracking and monitoring of the state “– this is the inevitable result of the government and large technology companies” cooperation “.

In this process, the media culture and the bourgeois society, radical political thought is distorted, absorption, resolve, fusion, annexation and commercialization, finally reflected by traditional society from the perspective of neutrality.

In 2011, Facebook for play in helping to organize the protests in Egypt’s Tahrir square and is known as “the Savior of technology”. Just a few years later, the social network has become one of the largest in the history of Internet privacy threats.

Crypto currency and Liberalism

In order to avoid the bankers, globalist, mainstream social trap, human freedom is the only way to maintain the independence and self-sufficiency, no longer need to buy bankers selling things. In the case of any such a seamless heavenly robe, publicity or promotion are unable to penetrate, nature will not be affected.

However, this is only in the ideal state. Bitcoin for liberating the ordinary citizens from financial slavery, the liberal political ideology dilemma is very similar.

Liberalism’s fate depends not only on its efficacy as governance mechanism, but also depends on the ability of ordinary citizens to achieve their ideal. Similarly, as for freedom, reason bitcoin future success or failure depends not only on technical efficiency, more important is whether people can afford the responsibility of the guardian of freedom.

Taking into account of the mainstream social culture dependence, realize the possibility of prospects seem very slim. In the public school system, we can hardly find the independent training required for ideological education. After all, bitcoin in Venezuela’s use rate increased greatly, this is only a few compelling phenomenon.

 Sleeping with the enemy: whether the traditional institutions into the agency will hurt bitcoin?

“In January 3, 2009, the finance minister is in the implementation of the second round of bank bailout edge.” Remember the Cong bitcoin block recorded in the creation of the times headlines? If bitcoin suddenly more than legal tender acceptance in the world, so humans may need to encounter an unprecedented scale economic catastrophe.

The future fate decided by yourself.

 Sleeping with the enemy: whether the traditional institutions into the agency will hurt bitcoin?

If the Bureau of Wall Street is limited to the use of encryption currency to make its pension fund portfolio diversification, then everything will be smooth. Encrypted currency prices will rise with the increase of social demand and exposure, in the long run, all the early adopters of encryption assets will greatly value.

However, given the financial order will be established by such a group of strange people and encoding cypherpunks “anarchism” to subvert the rules? It seems unlikely that traditional institutions may embrace the technology, but it does not mean that they will act in accordance with the rules of the circle.

In fact, there are already signs of this, JP Morgan and Facebook have begun to create a set of has its own private agreement, and custom rules encryption currency.

So, whether the traditional institutions RMB will threaten the survival and development of bitcoin and other encryption currency?

The most likely scenario is: the characteristic of the classical encryption currency with anti censorship, point to point, to the center of the issue and continue to remain competitive, traditional monetary institutions and common development — this will be the solution between the encryption field and the most friendly monetary institutions.

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