Smart Dubai (wisdom Dubai) plans to implement the government of paperless office, and landed more than 20 block chain + government “Application in the next few years

Mentioned in Dubai, in addition to bold buildings, streets run, the handsome prince, what will you think of?

In fact, Dubai is the world’s leading technology application center. In the automatic driving public transport service plan, Rainforest Lodge, police robots, solar tower, Mars Science City, Dubai is also concerned and actively layout block chain related application.

As early as the end of 2016, the Dubai government launched the block chain strategy, encouraging government departments to cooperate with block chain enterprises, hope to achieve the first on the block chain technology, the government in 2020″.

In October 2017, Dubai Land Bureau (DLD) announced to be the first to use block chain technology, government departments, and the Smart Dubai (wisdom Dubai) block chain system partners to jointly develop the records of all the real estate contract, and connected with the local hydropower Bureau, telecommunications systems, related bills, so that tenants can be completed quickly online payment.

In February this year, Dubai road and Traffic Management Bureau (RTA) announced in 2020 before the deployment of traffic system based on the technology of block chain, to track the vehicle’s life cycle. In March, Dubai Tourism Bureau revealed that Dubai is using the blockchain technology to build a virtual B2B travel platform, plans in the next two years additional distribution channels for the hotel to provide transparent real-time pricing and more choices for tourists in Dubai resort. In September, Smart Dubai and Dubai Finance Bureau jointly developed payment reconciliation and settlement system based on block chain.

It is understood that Smart Dubai has more than 20 pilot application cases and related departments, and plans to gradually fall in the next few years.

Recently, the daily planet Odaily access to the Smart Dubai H.E Dr. Aisha Bint Butti director general Bin Bishr, the government of Dubai to discuss the judgment and positioning, to block chain layout and technology progress, investment and return etc..

We will H.E Dr. Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr view edited as follows:

In the past forty years, Dubai’s successful transition into a global city, a regional commercial and tourist hub, and attracted high skilled talents of all countries. Now there are thousands of international companies to set up regional headquarters in many regions of Dubai.

The success of Dubai cannot do without developing tourism, real estate, travel, retail, logistics and other industries, to achieve diversification of GDP, also cannot do without the government departments, industry behind. In early 1999, Dubai released the first ICT (government information and communication technology) strategy, then launched the Dubai Internet City, Dubai e-government, the wisdom of Dubai government and the recent Smart Dubai. Select the “science and technology to promote e-government and digital city, the main line is the transformation strategy.

At present, Dubai is one of the leading smart city of new technology, new intelligent pilot.

2016 year 10 month, Dubai launched a block chain strategic goal is to become the first seat driven by the block chain in 2020 city. Only in 2016, private sector investment in block chain technology reached $1 billion 100 million.

Optimistic about the block chain direction, because the block chain is a kind of value relates to open and distributed transaction database technology, the encoding method can realize the safety records stored in distributed books, let members share and confirm the information in a centralized case. This process to enhance efficiency, strengthen the traditional business transaction verification and tracking are beneficial.

Specifically, Dubai around the block chain strategy “three pillars” to develop a detailed road map for each branch, and refined to specific initiatives, pointing out the development direction:

  1. Enhance government efficiency

    In September 2018, Smart Dubai’s “block chain payment and settlement system reconciliation” on the run, government departments and inter bank payment reconciliation from the previous took an average of 45 days, to complete a few seconds in the new system.

    The need to remove third-party, intelligent and automated service contract scene is more suitable for the chain block. Therefore, Dubai has been in the energy, transportation and logistics, tourism, health, education and employment, economic development, security and justice, social services, municipal engineering, and land blocks in areas such as pilot wisdom block chain technology. Which refers to the government departments including the Dubai Hydropower Bureau, Dubai traffic bureau, Dubai Tourism Bureau, and the commercial promotion of Dubai Economic Development Bureau, Dubai Police Bureau, Dubai health bureau.

    Get enough support to ensure that the various departments, each department launched a joint Smart Dubai workshops provide technical standards and unified agreement, help the government to identify the appropriate project, selection of potential partners.

    Smart Dubai and the strategic layout is the focus of government departments to promote and process digital, to achieve paperless office”. The strategic plan of radiation 43 government entities, 200 service centers, 1600 government services and 124 applications, the target is reached in 2021 the government fully paperless office. If this strategy is successful landing, the annual savings of 1 billion pieces of paper, the protection of 130 thousand trees, saving paper trading users spend more than 40 hours.

  2. Industrial upgrading

    Policy, Dubai will continue to assess the effects of block chain application policy, and formulate relevant policies in safety, consumer rights, creative enterprise incubators, science and technology finance. The previously mentioned Smart Dubai and government departments jointly set up workshops will also be regulatory feedback.

    Record prices in support of Smart, Dubai and Startupbootcamp in Dubai city of Dubai wisdom future accelerator accelerator incubation, invites all blockchain creative enterprises and solution providers to cooperate with local government departments in Dubai pilot.

    In addition, the wisdom of Dubai global chain block match challenge every year also invited startups around the world with wisdom. 2 2018, the wisdom of Dubai global block chain challenge received from 85 city around the world more than 200 applications, Smart Dubai singled out before 17 The entities, inviting them to attend the “future blockchain summit”, and forward 3 awards.

  3. soft power

    Smart Dubai provides manager oriented blockchain programmers, policy makers, project comprehensive and high training projects, enhance the strength of technology research and development.

    2018 years 4 months, Smart Dubai also launched the “smart city global network, has brought together government, private sector, Research Institute and other academic institutions, media representatives and members. “Network” to provide the exchange of experience, knowledge sharing, development cooperation, publishing activities and opportunities to members.

    The application of Dubai regularly invited experts to discuss the block chain block chain technology in the smart city. In May 2018 the future block chain summit attracted more than 8000 attendees and 134 speakers.

    Smart Dubai invited to participate in the pilot colleges and universities, training, and other types of speech block chain activities, and as part of the “Dubai 10X” project, launched the wisdom of the city college, carrying out to the center of the education and skills development platform in the open chain.

In the specific landing technology, the government of Dubai to take various departments and private departments to build cooperation mode. For example, Dubai block Smart Dubai chain platform launched in cooperation with IBM, will be the first local construction and hosting platform. This platform adopts the subscription payment model, will become the core infrastructure of Dubai government all block chain operation.

Of course, the block chain companies are facing various kinds of challenges, including scalability, regulation, ownership, interoperability, governance and other aspects of the problem. One of the difficulties of new technology is the lack of a global framework for reference. In Smart Dubai, the public and private sectors through the block chain policy seminar to discover and solve problems.

It is understood that the Dubai block chain related policies will be introduced soon, more Smart Dubai case program launched on 2019, 2020.

In addition, the Dubai government also welcomed the blockchain technology from around the world to Dubai and landing the pilot application, with innovative technology to the local economy.

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