Smartshare uses blockchain to answer the “sharing” puzzle

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From sharing bicycles to sharing cars, from sharing umbrellas to sharing charging treasure, from sharing fitness cabins to sharing Mazar …n
2017, we witnessed too many shared economic forms. Our enjoyment of the convenient life brought by the shared economy seems to be a process of mutual testing of man and of the shared form.n
The development of a shared economy has created a new business model that maximizes the use of resources and greatly facilitates people’s daily lives. The benefits of shared economy are mainly reflected in optimizing the allocation and circulation of resources, reducing unnecessary waste of resources and sharing the value of both parties. With the popularization and development of the Internet of Things, all are connected to a global community with unprecedented scale of social capital prosperity and a shared economy that has enjoyed unprecedented growth.n
Although the Internet of things accelerated the development of economic sharing, it enriched the form of economic sharing. However, since the shared value of smart terminals does not have a universal value standard, a great deal of valuable resources are limited. The lack of common protocol support also makes the flow of shared values ​​a serious fault. The flexibility of the shared value mechanism itself is not strong, but also leads to a drastic reduction in the popularity of the sharing mechanism. When sharing has gradually become the topic of the times, the trend of the times and the well-being of human beings, it is a top priority for us to find and solve the problems to be solved urgently in sharing the ecology.n
Smartshare is a distributed database based on blockchain technology that creates an intelligent, trustworthy, open and decentralized shared data value agreement for the shared economy through decentralization, de-intermediation, trust-free, smart contracts, timestamping, Constitute the underlying structure of a shared economy. To the underlying shared universal agreement as the core, and gradually access shared travel, shared charging Po, shared digital, shared folk and other shared field applications. At the same time, we use technologies such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data to interoperate in all areas to achieve more efficient integration of resources and to create a first-class decentralized ecosystem.n
Based on the underlying blockchain communication protocol, Smartshare can save a lot of social resources such as traffic, storage, hotspot, power, energy, time and so on while realizing the huge shared network of shared value exchange. Token reward mechanisms based on smart contracts will play an important role in accessing Smartshare’s shared network. The Smartshare Foundation will form a shared partnership to support a variety of hardware and software devices. The development agreement supports the introduction of third-party teams and will continue to implement the Smartshare protocol in a wider range of applications. Some of the product applications that have been identified as part of the access sharing model are as follows:n
Share traffic applicationn
The current number of intelligent routing devices reaches billions of units, and after investing large amounts of money, the profit margin of traffic resources is not high. The Smartshare protocol supports different intelligent routing terminals to register, confirm and handle Smartshare. Equipment users and the main body of the device through smart contracts to transfer the right to use, the value of the transfer.n
Smartshare has created a protocol layer that enables universal access to intelligent routing devices, upgrades to new shared-intelligence hardware, users to share idle network bandwidth, storage space, and computing resources, and to share Token, a digital asset in computing ecology.n

Shared computing applicationsn
With the development and popularization of cloud computing, deep learning and blockchain technology, the demand of computing power becomes more and more urgent. More and more enterprises increase their computing power by expanding the machine room horizontally.n
In fact, there is a vast amount of computing power that is wasted around us, and these computational powers come from the electronic devices that we all have, and are indispensable to our daily lives – personal computers and even smart Phone These smart devices do not reach 100% performance for 90% of the time they are used daily. In contrast, if we can use this 90% of the time idle computing power, it would be a very powerful computing resources.n
Smartshare concatenates the entire ecosystem with smart chips. Each SmartSmart smart chip installed on a smart device is an independent node that links these smart devices through a Smartshare chain for shared value interchange.n

Shared storage applicationsn
Smartshare allows all users’ terminals to participate in this storage network. This storage network has its own unique consensus mechanism and incentive mechanism. Smartshare builds a shared network using authorized voting verification and storage verification. The blockchain is equivalent to the accounting system. When a file is stored, it is encrypted to generate a private key. Only the real Users get the private key, the user can match with the private key to extract their own earnings; transactions generated by the entire storage network by digital currency to complete, Smartshare network based on the distribution and issuance of tokens reward mechanism, the user can share the shared storage space, Post value documents to earn token rewards.n
Sharing economy, sharing of CDNs, traffic and storage services, sharing of bicycles and rechargeable items, many sharing models have made great strides in the process of centerlessness but these nominally shareings are more like leasing . The real sharing should be the disposal of goods from the rental mode to return to the full use of idle goods model. In this process, the de-centralization of blockchain is obviously indispensable. It can not only expand the existing sharing model to more enterprises and individuals, but also penetrate more industries and scenes.n

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