Snip and the future of distributed online content

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Over the years, the world of online content has become increasingly complex and out of line with society.n
The best articles will be buried in a large number of articles that are biased, click on bait and content too lengthy. All of which have a negative impact on the ability of ordinary people to obtain credible media channels, so that they can not remain informed in today’s changing world.n
In the digital age, the biggest problem facing journalism is verifiability. In other words, how does the reader determine that the content they are reading is true? In addition, how do you know if a particular source of media is trustworthy?n
The growing lack of credibility in the media industry has also given Ran Reichman and Rani Horev the impetus to create a new option for today’s mainstream media model. This innovative news site is called “Snip”, which provides the most important stories of the day and events that are brief and cut in the summary of points. By using the most advanced machine learning algorithms, Snip allows readers to click on targeted news content based on topics they are interested in.n
“I started Snip in May 2016 with Rani Horev, an expert in machine learning and data science, who was the elite of the Talibot project of the Israeli Defense Ministry.” “I and Rani are all frustrated with low-quality news,” Reichman said. Find out how difficult it is to find high quality, fun and short content. “Basically, there are very long good content, there are very short low quality content, but there is almost no high quality short content. We started to create a small Facebook page for friends and family, and gradually developed to more than 30,000 users and 1,400 paid users. “n
When asked about the basic idea of ​​the value proposition of “Snip”, Reichman’s answer was simple: “Snip is a news platform that allows you to keep abreast of the latest developments in what’s happening in the world and in a simple Form the individuality, “he said. The title is an anti-click bait that allows you to understand the story before clicking it, which will not waste your time. Snip will soon be able to understand what you care about and provide you with stories about these topics, and there are other stories of inspiration. “n
Reichman said the core model of the platform is built on a distributed news system. In this system, a worldwide content producer organizes a brief news submission, either “clippings” and then read by others on the site. In addition to the traditional, text-based articles, you can also use many different media access cut, including audio and video. The core of the site is the censorship, which is often seen as a key factor in the democratization of the news.n
In the process of collecting and organizing online content, the managers of the site are motivated and rewarded. “Clipping the online community” directly links the writer to the reader, reducing the inherent risk of review and prejudice in the traditional news industry.n
The whole process is seamless, and end users can learn their own code snippets through machine learning algorithms. The ultimate goal is to ensure that users have a high quality site experience without having to understand the complexity of distributed technology and encrypted money systems.n
Writers can earn income from their efforts. Readers will have the ability to purchase advanced services such as non-advertising news subscriptions, audio clippings and custom text content.n
A new era of content driven by block chainsn
Based on the block chain of the press release provides a huge possibility, whether in the social media or mainstream media, news can be consumed. This emerging technology can be decentralized, remove third-party media from public news access, prevent it from over-reviewing, and promote unbiased content.n
According to Reichman, Snip’s unique position is to take advantage of the following major trends that are currently reshaping the media:n
Machine Learning: Snip uses machine learning to find the best content on the web, then it is provided to the author, and then use the additional machine learning technology to personalize the content to the user.n
The rise of the millennial generation: Unlike previous generations, the millennial generation was never used to reading paper newspapers and looked forward to an online news media – ideally, it was a smart, interactive and focused news media Then
Asked about his greatest hope and vision in the next 12 to 18 months, Reichman made his thoughts.n
“Our view of Snip is to make it the premier place for news, a well-known name, and everyone can rely on it to understand what is happening and to discover new and interesting topics through it,” he said. “In 18 months, our goal is to attract more than one million users.”n
To learn more about Snip, read the white paper, follow us on Twitter, or contact team members via Telegram.n

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