Soared 8 million times seven years, now plunged 77%, bitcoin suffered to a dull moment

Once the bitcoin opened since November 14th, continuous fall mode, from a record high of nearly $20000 to less than $3500 today. So far only 12 days, bitcoin has fallen 44%, the market value evaporate $48 billion 600 million, compared with the highest value, is the decline exceeded trillion, according to industry analysts said, the history of the biggest bubble has been broken, there is fear of further bottom space, there is no minimum, only lower.

Tomizo bitcoin myth after 2017 brilliant, finally ushered in the end of the most cruel. Follow the trend of speculation countless currency assets fell over 80%, the middle city night market bleak heartbreaking diseases.

You know, in the history of all assets, no one can be like bitcoin like that, with only a short span of 7 years, 800 thousand times the investment income.

According to foreign media reports, 10000 bitcoin in 2010 a Laszlo Hanyecz of the American programmer bought a couple of pizza $25, equivalent to the price of bitcoin was worth only $0.0025.

In early 2011, the price of bitcoin is only around $1, until 2013 years 12 months, the world’s first bitcoin ATM machine was born in Canada, opened the bitcoin currency as payment history, more and more businesses to support the use of bitcoin transactions. China Baidu was also the year for the first time bitcoin payment to the enterprise client open, for the purchase of Certified Safety service.

The monetary attribute of bitcoin has been recognized by society, value investors began to stampede in large, the main machine was born, “mining” become a hot industry, even spawned such as “bits”, “Jia Nan Yun Chi” bitcoin “machine” manufacturers giants.

The bitcoin “gold rush” reached a climax in December 17, 2017, bitcoin market capitalization surged to $19891.99, will exceed $20000, soared 8 million times in seven years. What is this concept, that is to say if you spend 20 dollars in 2010 1000 bought a bitcoin, then 7 years later, you will become a billionaire.

As a real case, there is a Junior in the know about investment consulting to God in 2011, at that time known bitcoin founder Babbitt Daniel – long sword in question under the reply: “buy bitcoin, save the file and forget your wallet, there have been 6000 yuan for five years after it. Look at.” If the students in accordance with the long sword with 6000 yuan to buy a bitcoin, so today, she is already a million net worth 90 regal.

Just a few years time, in this industry made too much of the rich mythology, that too many speculators crazy influx of the market, you can easily get to the impetuous with only a dozen pages tens of billions of PPT financing, many more listed companies only put forward a so-called “blockchain” slogan, the market value has jumped several times. “Overnight” greed investment in the whole industry chain covering block.

There are many analysts will bitcoin and then Holland’s “tulip bubble”. In this market, saw the opportunity to get off early to earn pours, and miss the opportunity of becoming trampled leek.

In addition to blood bitcoin investors, the bubble crisis also affected the related industrial chain, in the “mining” hot mill, once sold out of stock, the market prices to 3 in Taiwan, but today it has dropped to more than 2000 units, and even many miners will buy the mill on the pounds sold as soon as possible in order to sell bitcoin market has suffered to the dark moment, but when the fog dispersed, only give time to judge.

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