Softbank Group Research Group tests the cross-carrier telecom payments based on block chains

nnnThe Softbank Group set up the “Carrier Chain Chain Research Group”, which aims to improve the telecom service through block chain technology, especially to pay the balance between the different operators. And this year, WannaCry and other network attacks once again exposed the network security risks, the telecommunications industry also hope that through the block chain to strengthen network security measures.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nInternet Group SoftBank Group has created a professional alliance to promote the application of block chain technology in the telecommunications industry.n
n”Carrier Blockchain Study Group” (CBSG, Carrier Blockchain Study Group) is a tripartite joint venture, the US telecom operator Sprint and industry chain chain development company TBCASOFT.n
nSoftBank has gradually become a member of the famous block chain in Asia and the Middle East, last year in Saudi Arabia set up a $ 100 billion investment fund, the purpose is to support financial and technological innovation.n
nNews reports, the first task of the research team is to pay the relevant block chain products.n
n”CBSG leads the industry research and development of the chain-chain technology in the telecommunications industry,” said Doug Garland, vice president of innovation and partnership at Sprint.n
nn”When the operators cooperate to take advantage of the new platform and the ecological environment, the chain chain’s global transformation potential will be fully realized.”n
nnThe payment prototype uses the block chain to replenish the balance across the carrier.n
nGiven this year’s industry giants are experiencing more and more serious hacking, the technology is expected to make significant progress in large-scale communications.n
nEurope’s home and mobile network operator, Telefonica, is one of the victims of the WannaCry cyber attack, which in May caused its computer system to be paralyzed.n

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