Solar DAO launched the world’s first digital autonomous solar enclosed investment fund

nnAdventure Comments: Solar DAO is the world’s first fully digital civilian-scale autonomous solar energy investment fund, its digital token SDAO ICO in two phases. Is the global solar enthusiasts and investors to invest in civilian-scale solar energy project channels, the funds raised will also be used to invest in similar projects.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nAs the pioneer developers build, modify and refine the different versions of the leading Bitcoin distributed virtual currency network trading system, the block-based encrypted currency and system architecture framework evolved into evolutionary growth and diversity. In the fundamental changes in the market and industry, the number of developers focused on the energy industry is not much, but it is rising trend, have released based on the block chain P2P digital tokens and distributed transactions, trade and accounting system.n
nSolar DAO started SDAO Digital Tokeno ICO on July 27th. Solar DAO is aiming to sell 80 million SDAO tokens, with a single price of one dollar, in two phases; pre-ICO began on July 27th, as the first fully digital, autonomous, self-contained solar energy investment fund , Plans to end on August 31, the second phase of the official ICO is about the end of October. Solar DAO offers discounts to early investors, who will receive a 100% reward for the first-day investment of the pre-ICO and then decrement to 50% of the pre-ICO’s 50% reward.n
nSuccessful, Solar DAO can open the door to the encrypted currency, so that solar enthusiasts and global people invest in civilian-scale solar energy projects, and from the construction, operation and maintenance of these projects to obtain a fair profit. Dmitriy Solodukha, one of the founders of Solar DAO, describes the purpose and process of the creation of Solar DAO, what the ICO process and Solar DAO’s release mean for solar investment and growth.n
nBased on the ether square of the civilian scale solar energy ICOn

nFounder and CEO Dmitriy Solodukhan
nSolar DAO uses the framework and platform for the etherchair block chain system development platform. The Ethernet platform quickly became the first choice for new encrypted currency developers through ICO financing.n
nInvestopedia explained that “the ether is a block chain that is different from Bitcoin and is created to encode an automated contract directly into the Ethernet segment chain so that different anonymous participants can reach trusted transactions and agreements, No centralization of institutions, legal systems or external enforcement mechanisms “.n
nIn fact, the ICO process is ultimately through the subscription model of online public offering, sales of virtual currency or digital tokens, access to ownership, such as SDAO. These funds can be used for different purposes, but on the whole, the encryption-based currency developers based on the ether-square are using the large amount of money (or even all) raised in the pre-ICO stage to convert more volatile currency, such as bitcoels or dollars , Yen, euro, yuan and other currencies.n
nJason Rowley of TechCrunch explained in a recent article, and then they used the pre-ICO funds again to invest in the development of digital ecosystem products based on the project’s encrypted currency and services.n

nSolar DAO intends to use ICO funds to invest in global civilian-scale solar projects to maximize the return on investment. The project includes industry veterans with long-term successful records, focusing on investments in projects in Israel, Portugal, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.n
nThe Solar DAO Digital Closed Solar Investment Fund, which incorporates an ether-based benefit share, aims to settle and allocate shares to SDAO’s registered shareholders after four years.n
nSolar DAO founder lists and provides an important document for the two-stage ICO, the closed-end fund’s investment strategy, the white paper and the Solar DAO website.n
nThe following is an interview with Dmitriy Solodukha, founder of Solar DAO (clearer and concise editor).n
nReporter: What is the difference between Solar DAO’s one or two distinguishing features, or what makes it more novel and important?n
nn1, ether square and block chain platform?n
n2, the general investors to participate in civilian-scale solar energy project development investment and the possibility of income?n
n3, to the global growth in solar power to provide power?n
nnSolodukha: We use the etherflies block chain and its functions: smart contracts, ERC20 compatible tokens and so on, so we are creating new investment for everyone, so that they can easily hold, trade and access to solar photovoltaic power station dividends. Especially to help investors invest less than $ 1 million in investing in solar energy.n
nReporter: ICO will be on which network platform or exchange?n
nSolodukha: We have reached an agreement with the Orderbook, ICO listed on their platform and trading our tokens. We will also work with other encrypted currency exchanges, but we had to complete the ICO. We expect ICO to solve all the problems that month later.n
nReporter: can SDAO exchange currency or other digital currency or currency?n
nSolodukha: Yes, the Solar DAO tokens are easy to trade on encrypted currency exchanges, convert to bit currency, and so on.n
nReporter: Why does Solar DAO attach importance to Israel, Portugal, Kazakhstan and Ukraine?n
nSolodukha: We choose to focus on these markets for the following reasons:n
nna) the current profits of these markets highern
nb) We have studied these markets extensively and have more experiencen
nc) These countries have our partners and local staffn
nnReporter: Will the funds be invested in other countries for civilian solar energy or other scale solar projects? How to make investment decisions?n
nSolodukha: We will invest in civil scale projects to achieve the highest ROI (return on investment). The specific investment time and place will be decided by the SDAO holder’s vote.n
nThis is a very new technology, we need to build an interface, let us understand the investor community questions, we hope to be in different forms.n

nReporter: Do you think the ICO can attract much investor groups, that is, solar industry professionals, enthusiasts, their opponents in the encrypted currency community, venture capitalists and so on.n
nSolodukha: We have attracted business and project partners to work with us to promote PV projects around the world. We will attract more partners and other investors. The encrypted currency community loves our project. We have received a lot of views, received a high rating.n
nReporter: Please briefly describe what you said, the existing solar project assets will be refinanced to raise Solar DAO’s assets and capital base.n
nSolodukha: When you build a typical “undeveloped area” solar power plant, it costs about $ 600 / kW. Once built, its value is more, about 2400 US dollars / kW. In addition, you can sell the project or go to the bank for refinancing.n
nSo, you can mortgage the assets to the bank, to 2000 / kW price financing, you can still profit from the power plant. Use these funds to build new and more powerful power plants.n
nReporter: How do you make potential SDAO buyers convinced that Solar DAO and SDAO are legitimate and credible? Will not be affected by mail, DDOS, malware intrusion and other attacks?n
nSolodukha: You can view the contract we have just released, you can pay attention to all of our updates, the results and so on.n
nMoreover, we do our best to ensure the safety of funds. We will work with OpenZeppelin for ICO and Smart Contract audits. Just the day before, we modified the host, email and other passwords.n

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