Some misunderstandings in the mainstream media bitcoin news

Some misunderstandings in the mainstream media bitcoin news

Some mainstream media reported each bitcoin news, exactly is actually make things confusing.

Although the bitcoin penetration rate than the early promotion of improvement, but with the news reporter also added bitcoin news and digital currency and the underlying technology reported that the fault began to be exposed.

From the beginning of the content of the report is not accurate and even don’t date.

1, find the Cong

Nakamoto So has represented the founder of bitcoin, the mainstream media also began to join the army to find in the Cong.

In early 2014, “Newsweek” he thinks he has found a true Nakamoto, Dorian Nakamoto (? DoranNakamoto, Nakamoto is the Japanese name), an obscure unemployed engineer, apparently he had no cryptography background.

Afterwards, he quickly denied that he is the true creator bitcoin. Nevertheless, “Newsweek” and author LeahMcGrath has not issued an apology, on the contrary, once again stressed that their statement is just a hypothesis is proposed, but the report was directed at Mr. Nakamoto bitcoin play the role in the creation of

At that time, the president and his lawyer said publicly to sue the publishing house, but they need more money. In an attempt to raise funds in the process, created the name “Newsweek” lie “website, website that holds Dorian? A sign reads” Newsweek article hurt my family. “.

Nakamoto’s lawyer Ethan said base?:

“These people come to his house, frightened his elderly mother, made his email address by deception, and falsely quotes from him and his brother dialogue. They were published about his health, economy and employment information. They need to pay for yourself

In the past, Dorian is not the only one to be imposed on the identity of bitcoin founder of the mysterious man.

At the end of 2013, blogger Gray links the sky? Nick? Saab bitcoin analysis paper. Through Stylometric analysis, the use of language style of study, to determine the anonymous or controversial author file.

Hal? Finney, the pioneer of cryptography is the first (except Nakamoto) using bitcoin protocol, may be associated with nakamoto.

2, bitcoin CEO

We all know that bitcoin is a decentralized network, but it has been mistaken for a company. In March last year, media reports said bitcoin CEO suspected Dutch act. But in fact the victim aotom? Rick, just a virtual currency trading platform FirstMeta CEO

Rick is not the first by the media for “bitcoin ceo”. Bitcoin payment processing company GoCoin CEO Steve Beauregard was also wrong? (SantaMonicaMirror) “Santa Monica mirror” reporter called bitcoin ceo.


3, bitcoin is gone

Earlier this year, “CBS sports” out of a “bitcoin gone” is the beginning of the article, and further pointed out that “in Florida, St Petersburg held a bitcoin football game after only one year, the sponsor will give up bitcoin”.

However, because bitcoin is not real, but not that many people, so it can not be separated from any kind of social activities.

This article reflects the bitcoin payment processing company BitPay has agreed to give up in college football sponsorship.

4, bitcoin is dead

If it is true, so bitcoin in its short history has killed several times.

Reporters have been hastily predicted digital currency death on various occasions, some read like a bitcoin obituary, indeed formed no small trouble.

Admittedly, crypto currency on the road is not flat, but the media are too focused on their volatility.

This is not to be attributed to a misunderstanding of the media is attributed to the Internet information dissemination speed.

Although some false reports for the encryption community to provide some entertainment, but some reports have angered the digital currency has been adhering to the loyalty of the bitcoin enthusiasts.

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