Some people now only millions of billions of dollars of assets! Bitcoin suffered cold, 130 thousand machine 1000 yuan sale


The air came, * can fly; the wind stopped after * falls off.

Some even fell bitcoin broke the currency circle of faith, once had a dream of getting rich through currency speculation game player eventually reduced to be harvested leek, those who advocate people entering the most currency speculation chiefs have to leave, volatility in virtual currency prices at the same time make the digging chain industry chain are affected, which, with the price wave machine, still intense, like a roller coaster ride.

Huaqiang North to the Securities Times reporter visited found that had been pushed up to 3 in case of Taiwan ant S9 machine is now sold only 1200 yuan, if the supply price of around 1900. While the ant V9 price is now 160 yuan, white card machine B crazy when sold for 130 thousand yuan, now the second-hand price is only 1000 yuan.

By including bitcoin, virtual currency prices fell sharply, some mines have begun under the frame of mine, mine off a large area. “This shows that the industry winter has just begun”. A coin to see chairman Liu Yang in an interview with the Securities Times reporter is a sigh.

Has been submitted to the prospectus, intended to Hong Kong IPO, Chia Nan Yun Zhi, bit, is obviously felt in front of the clouds.

Bitcoin plummeted, but this is just the beginning

The coin ring one day, one year on the earth. “I was a capital of 10 million people, but now I’m not working, it is a pity that I did not sell when I earn, now bitcoin loss like this, do not want to say what, this is life.” Huaqiang North SEG Plaza, four floor, sunshine mining boss told reporters.

The virtual currency market slump began in November 14th. At that time, hovers around $6400 for 2 months bitcoin suddenly plummeted, and still did not stop the decline, the global fire currency transaction data show that as of November 21st, bitcoin price about the lowest dropping to $4200, as of press time reporter, bitcoin price of $4603 a week, the cumulative decline of 28%.

For this round of bitcoin currency plummeted, see chairman Liu Yang said that bitcoin cash hard just plunged the fuse bifurcation (see securities times, venture capital department previously published two articles “bitcoin fell, prices hit a new low for the year! 8 routine open MLM truth coins! “,” bitcoin plummeted behind the circle is coin battle for “), the fundamental reason is because bitcoin is not falling, investor confidence has collapsed, currency speculation is the most important person in one exit, but now are selling, currently bitcoin prices will continue downward, far in the end.

While financial columnist Xiao Lei in an interview with reporters also expressed the same view, he believes that bitcoin in the bear market, not good to support the current price, because bitcoin itself can not generate revenue, if there is no successor, selling stock market is almost doomed to a behavior, and advise you don’t bargain hunting.

Xiao Lei said further analysis, since the beginning of 2016 bitcoin price out of the bear market, open a new round of rise, rise from the blockchain technology, but the development of block chain technology so far, has become one of the basic technologies of the application, all the participants studied is how to use the blockchain Technology to do service and transformation of traditional Internet access the reality of the profit and cash flow, and not for financial discourse, revolutionary will block chain technology to reduce the collective, close to the government regulation, which means that bitcoin blockchain assets and privacy challenges, in this case, the price of the attraction is not high, rather than holding coins, at least in the short term can be preserved, that is to say the original group benefits hugely from bitcoin and trading market, in order to keep the existing interests, beginning with the traditional market homogenization, investors shift to traditional assets.

“I think bitcoin will continue to drop, is now a clear consensus on the destruction of those who entered the early period, profit is also normal”. Pan city capital founder Chen Weixing said in an interview with reporters.

Bocom international research director Hong Hao said in micro-blog, the price bubble curve bitcoin price curve and the classic interpretation of the path is unanimous from institutions involved, to experience the harvest of leek, a classic liquidity fuelled liquidity tightening with modern tulips, withered.

“There are a lot of big brother in this round of decline did not run away, the loss is very heavy, I know from several billions of dollars, has shrunk to millions now.” Xiao Lei told reporters.

BlockVC strategy research team, told reporters that the currency speculation boom has passed, at present only the bear market in the upsurge of embers, people leave is normal, but there are still many bitcoin believers, more people from short-term to long-term investment.

Mine was sold, the miners mine closed down,

Bitcoin plummeted for the mining industry obviously influence. According to K news station, part of mine has been the beginning of the next frame machine, some distribution in the domestic Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia part of the small and medium-sized mines, because in the continuous decline in the price of money has been unprofitable or even a loss, but its second-hand resale liquidation.

Similar with mine, winding up in November 20th, is hosting platform also issued a notice of liquidation, a company called hashrate investment platform said, because the ant S9 contract since November 7, 2018 to November 16, 2018 for ten consecutive days to pay management fees, electricity, according to the “hashrate cast stress service agreement”, if the contract for ten consecutive days income is insufficient to pay the management fees, electricity, a force contract is automatically terminated.

BlockVC strategy research team believes that the encryption assets prices directly affect the miner’s earnings and back to the cycle, on the market for different types of mills is slightly different, but most is the highest price cut.

The machine is shut down signal industry winter begins, which is from the historical experience in the past that many miners were shut down in 2014 because of currency circle winter comes, dig out the value of bitcoins cannot compensate for electricity and custodian fees, the longer the initial start to lose money, some people can take a long time but, if not for a long time to pick up, it will lead to shutdown the tide.” Liu Yang told reporters.

The miners fled at the same time, after being stir mill price bang when sound straight down. This point, ore shipments accounted for over 80% of the global Shenzhen Huaqiang North is particularly sensitive.

In November 21st, the Securities Times reporter visited is located in Shenzhen Huaqiang North SEG Plaza, four floor, is greeted by huge banners hanging in the SEG Electronics Building: “not mine home, fast XXXX Angel mine circle”, and “good service every miner is the first day”, “today – create high-yield miners is the meaning of our existence” and other banners. After a number of selling machine, machine hosting business stores have been turned from the sale of mobile phone shell.

(images of the Securities Times reporter Luo Man)

(images of the Securities Times reporter Luo Man)

Ore prices plummeted, some decline to 96%

Sunshine mining boss revealed the following information to reporters:

1, after being stir fried ants S9 highest to 30 thousand yuan, in January this year, the price is still 20 thousand yuan, now the price is 1200 yuan, plus 1900 yuan of new power, without unpacking, or up to 96%. When demand, a shop can sell thousands of the highest.

2, the ant mining machine V9 the lowest price of 160 yuan a new opened.

(Figure V9 photograph: ant mining machine, the Securities Times reporter Luo Man)

This year, 3 white B mills highest price reached 130 thousand yuan a white card, X10 price of 50 thousand yuan, is now out, no one to buy.

According to another vehicle owner, “we used to be white agents, white card machine B model when a daily mining income more than 5000, the price of 130 thousand yuan, a lot of people are robbed, futures, need to reserve a day to sell more than 100 units, mainly Russia bought more. White X10 used to sell 50 thousand yuan, but now the white card does not sell, a day income less than 10 dollars, white B with power second-hand price of more than 1000, with about 4000 X10 power supply second-hand price.”

Sunshine mining boss told reporters: “now do business is not good, believe it or not, before thousands of pieces of a machine, I have 10 dollars to sell, or new, sold as scrap, are now selling at a loss, or a full hit in the hand, sell a point is a branch. I have mine in Shandong, but does not require custodian fees, electricity 3 yuan, but also quickly closed, unprofitable.”

The machine manufacturer can be listed in Hong Kong?

The price plunged virtual currency will affect the listed mainland who bit.

Data shows, Jahnke group and Wu Jihan teamed up to create a bit, and was less than six years, has developed 9 generation chip and 14 generation machine, a three years of financing, respectively in August 2017, June 2018 and August 2018, $50 million, $292 million 700 thousand and $442 million A round, B round and round B+ financing, the share price has doubled compared to August last year, more than 10 times. Each of the 10 peak, the global bitcoin mining machine, there are 7.45 sets of bits from mainland. Bit, prospectus, Frost & Sullivan report said, according to the 2017 revenue, is bit ASIC encryption based on the world’s largest mining company money, the share of the global market share of 74.5%. But its performance is enough to be bright, the prospectus shows that mainland revenue bit increase from $137 million in 2015 to $2 billion 518 million in 2017, a CAGR of 328.2%.

The company adjusted net profit, will increase from $48 million 600 thousand in 2015 to $114 million in 2016, 2017 and further increased to $953 million, and the first half of 2017’s $83 million to $952 million in the first half of 2018.

But optimistic, there are worries. At present, its sales revenue is highly dependent on the bit, the first half of 2018, its sales accounted for 94.3% of revenue, still have 800 million dollars worth of stock.

However, with the collapse of bitcoin and other virtual currency, bit, listing also cast a shadow, ore prices fell sharply, will greatly affect the company’s revenue and net profit.

According to the reporter learned that, to support its bit market still is released in June 2016 of ant S9. The first quarter of 2018, bit, total revenue of $1 billion 900 million, of which 97% from its sales revenue. In this part of the revenue, S9 mining accounted for 67%. From 2016 to 2018, is the best time of the virtual currency market.

But now the S9 has not sell.

In November 15th, another company intends to go to Hongkong listed its chip maker Jia Nan Yun Chi IPO application has been officially expired, e-bon international IPO can not be completed this year, only a bit, still waiting for the hearing.

But Chen Weixing told reporters, Jia Nan Yun Chi and bit has been determined not on the mainland.

While the bit, insiders reply to reporters said: “this kind of thing, they don’t know how to determine the.”

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