South Africa launched the first bitcoin platform to raise public investment

South Africa launched the first bitcoin platform to raise public investment


South Africa Cape Town a very social influence of the business park Rlabs launched a bitcoin platform to raise public mToto, on this platform, users can use bitcoin investment.

MToto in the Vasily language means “child”. It is an idea about bitcoin of both Uusi and Rlabs, the two companies hope to rely on the platform to help rebuild South Africa lack the resources to regions that are low education and medical service center, and innovative product development tools and challenges.

MToto will provide bitcoin and cash exchange service for the company and project, it also hopes to raise enough bitcoin, month four investment company or project.

“We will bitcoin into cash and resources, and every month and larger area share.” MToto’s team explains.

The person in charge of the project and Rlabs founder Marlon Parker told an African news website Disrupt Africa said that the organization will help in the early stages of development of enterprises.

Parker said: “our goal now is to users who are using bitcoin, they are very interested in the use of bitcoin in public welfare activities such behavior. In this case, we pay more attention to those interested in the development of children.”

Rlabs was founded in 2007, aimed at the development environment for start-ups and small business investment projects to provide a friendly innovation. In the early stage of the proposal, like the cafe that appealed to the young, are more than 20 thousand people have been involved in, and in May the Broadcasting British Corporation opened a studio.

Rlabs pursues the bitcoin project because it is believed that digital currency might be a catalyst, a catalyst to promote social change in africa. The founder said, participating in the organization of the people can get great profit from very low bitcoin transaction costs and direct transaction.

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