South African driver uses Bitcoin to pay for traffic fines

nBankruptcy Commentary: Fines 4 u, a South African company that deals with traffic fines for companies and individuals, will provide Bitcoin payment services to exchange fob and bitcoin between traffic authorities and users for the passage of all domestic drivers This new service uses cryptocurrencies to pay fines. However, the current high price of bitcoin, so the possibility of using bitcoin to pay is not high, but rub the bitcoin’s heat, attracting more customers attention.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
The South African city of Alberton Traffic Violations Management began accepting Bitcoin payments and all drivers in the country can pay fines in cryptocurrencies using this new service.n
Fines 4 u Cornelia van Niekerk serves approximately 500 businesses and 8,000 individual clients and manages compensation for traffic violations. She told local media that starting in June this year, she became interested in bitcoin and wanted to give those of same interest the chance to use bitcoin in South Africa.n

This service allows customers to pay penalties in the calculation of the South African currency rand out of Bitcoin traffic police. Transfers to the relevant government agencies will be done in legal tender, just like any other fines, Van Niekerk will be redeemed. She believes bitcoin prices will continue to rise, so do not worry about the short-term decline in the process. It is seen as a faster and less expensive option than bank transactions.n
Pay a fine or hold?n

You may think that there are not many people who are willing to spend bitcoin right now because the exchange rate with the French currency has risen rapidly. In fact, Van Niekerk started advertising and accepting bitcoin payment services and has not yet completed any bitcoin penalty payments.n
However, this service has brought a lot of heat to the company, attracting a lot of people who want to know how to use Bitcoin in South Africa. “I handle many customers daily, many of them large businesses, and suddenly everyone wants to learn more about Bitcoin from me.”n

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