South African online retailer Pick n Pay will accept Bitcoin payment

nnPost Comment: South Africa’s well-known retailer Pick n Pay has announced that it will accept Bitcoin payments to actively accept new technology and innovation. This will help to improve the liquidity and mainstream acceptance of Bitcoin, thus further promoting its use, to achieve a virtuous circle. In general, Pick n Pay is more optimistic about the future development of Bitcoin.n
nTranslated by: Inan
Cape Town retailer Pick n Pay will begin to pay for digital money, which will be the biggest victory for Bitcoin in South Africa.n
This payment system is powered by a software platform, Electrum, that handles different currencies. Pick n Pay information systems executive director Jason Peisl said:n
n”Embracing changes and encouraging innovation and leadership is one of the key values ​​of Pick n Pay, which is still a relatively new concept of payment, but we have been able to effectively show how we will accept this payment.”n
Expand the acceptance surfacen
As the theory of this payment method continues to develop, the total value of the currency is also growing. This is to improve its mainstream acceptance and liquidity of the key aspects.n
Higher liquidity and mainstream acceptance will raise people’s awareness, so as to achieve a higher level of use. This process is a virtuous circle. Although there are a lot of negative news, but the acceptance of Bitcoin seems to continue to rise.n

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