South Korea: Five local bitcoin exchanges did not pass “basic tools” to attack safety tests

nRunaway Comment: The Encryption The money market is increasingly becoming a target for hackers, which is why many people are worried about currency trading. Korean media MBC conducted safety tests on five major cryptocurrencies in China via a specialist security firm, including Bithumb, the country’s largest exchange. Eventually all did not pass the test. Relevant results have now been submitted to government departments before publication. Just have not received the official reply yet.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
South Korean media MBC has hired a security firm to test security systems at the “five South Korean bitcoin exchanges,” including Bithumb. Allegedly the company has successfully black into all the target platform, access to user data and funds.n
The site reports the relevant information, “Hired hackers bypass the security process with the basic attack tools they describe.”n
If this is true, then, in the context of massive theft, the test highlights the inaccuracy of many users encrypting the currency exchange security system and the exchange itself.n
This week, Youbit, the South Korean exchange, filed for bankruptcy just two times this year after it suffered an attack, most recently losing 17% of its net worth.n
I do not know whether Youbit is the MBC pilot target. Security personnel involved in testing create their own account, and then attack this account. And Bithumb, the country’s largest exchange, is said to have been black.n
In recent months, Bithumb has been the victim of many large security breaches, gaining sensitive data and money from user accounts.n
In this attack, MBC agent obtained “user ID and password”, or even bypass the two-factor authentication.n
n”Easily invade wallet, wallet key, ID and password are exposed.”n
nDifferent theories have emerged on the issue of hacking attacks on the South Korean exchanges, and suspicions of North Korea’s cybercriminal culprits are also growing.n
The report said MBC had “contacted the South Korean government” before the announcement, reminding the local exchange of major security issues. The MBC investigation has not yet received an official response.n

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