South Korea’s IEO report on raising money

According to Bullock Technology: Recently, IEO seems to be the fire, the fire was so many of my friends feel rather baffling. In fact, 7 months for 2017 years, Binance launched the asset distribution platform Launchpad, hoping to help the quality block chain project digital currency was raised, Gifto Bread Wallet, launched two projects. But in 9 months 2017 years 4 days, the central bank and other seven ministries jointly issued a document called digital money raising, affected by the Launchpad then gradually fade out the market.

 South Korea's IEO report on raising money

I. Introduction

1, January 2019, Binance restart Launchpad. 1 28, acquired by Sun Yuchen BTT project landing Launchpad, soon robbed, BTT prices soared to an 10 times in the currency.

2, 2 month 25 day open customer service, Binance Launchpad 2 Fetch.AI (FET) 22 seconds to complete the issuance, totaling 6920 million FET panic buying. 28, on-line FET opened straight over 5 times, investors carnival.

3, March 7th, the fire coins were reported in the media will launch a similar product “LaunchPad Huobi Prime”, the innovation mode and compliance. Fire currency official response: Prime, fire currency money channel preferred, will focus on HT, for the global quality projects provide an innovative, fast, comprehensive compliance on currency service.

4, March 8th, CoinW announced a strategic stake in currency net immediately (Leek), Leek net is famous all have more than ten million users more than 80 platform to raise project success in fund-raising platform, with millions of users of the net currency will assist Leek from the center of the way of raising the transition to multi center until the way of raising the center high quality projects will be directly selected, coins to win LaunchPad.

5, March 9th, BitMax announced on-line tokens pre-sale, to the center of the Oracle DOS Network network through the BitMax sale 5 million DOS token.

6, March 11th, the international exchange established a subsidiary of Bittrex Bittrex International announced the upcoming first IEO project RAID. Certified by KYC users will be able to direct the use of bitcoin in Bittrex International buy XRD token.

7, March 11th, KuCoin CEO Michael on twitter confirmed: “we will launch a project called Spotlight in the near future, aims to provide a platform for block chain project with real value and potential”.

8, March 12th, OKEx CEO Jay Hao micro-blog OKEx utility token revealed that the upcoming on-line sales platform “OK Jumpstart” products, for the support of the real quality of the project and the early entrepreneurs.

9, according to Bullock technology news, ZB’s ZBG exchange launched ZBG Launchpad, and launched KAM project in March 25th.


Recently, IEO seems to be the fire, the fire was so many of my friends feel rather baffling. In fact, 7 months for 2017 years, Binance launched the asset distribution platform Launchpad, hoping to help the quality block chain project digital currency was raised, Gifto Bread Wallet, launched two projects. But in 9 months 2017 years 4 days, the central bank and other seven ministries jointly issued a document called digital money raising, affected by the Launchpad then gradually fade out the market.

However, the second half of 2018, the exchange project issued IEO has gradually became popular in Korea, but due to the issuance of the project itself lack off the market enthusiasm gene, IEO did not get enough attention. Until January 2019, Binance restart Launchpad. Behind this situation, Binance brand and industry flow and South Korea market characteristics, have great relevance. South Korea Coinin combined with last year’s practice and observation exchange, issued “Korea IEO fund-raising currency report”, as far as possible development objective presentation of South Korea IEO. (report and data content as well as the lack of professionalism, welcome friends. Supplement)

Two, South Korea IEO overview

November 2018 KBSA (Korea block chain business association) and South Korea blockchain Industry Promotion Association and the Korea University research center jointly announced the crypto currency IEO guidelines. This guideline includes dozens of projects to review the buyer protection, development planning, technical information, legal compliance, safety five aspects of the total score of 1000 points. When the score was less than 700 of the block chain project can get up to 1 billion 500 million won (about 9 million yuan) of the sale amount, and more than 700 points is not the limit. On March 4th, vice president of KBSA Ted Koo Coinin Blockchain in in the program “Korea” referred to community interview, IEO Guideline will be based on the actual case, an update every three months.

At present, South Korea Cashierest, Bitsonic, Probit exchange BTCC, Korea, Coinzest, Coinbene, Coinrail, Bitforex and IDCM have launched IEO Token Sales platform, including SPIN, VESTELLA, Clink, Legal, Block, Temco, BPC, GMC, Ankr and other projects have been completed the issue by IEO.

Third, South Korea IEO views

1, exchange:

PROBIT exchange Do representative: 2019 years there will be more projects for financing in the form of IEO, although the market is not good, but in this case the project will be showing the ability of the project itself to prove their worth. In the presence of more and more outstanding projects will bring better development of the entire block chain market, good development will lead to more outstanding projects, in a good cycle of this, the entire block chain market will be more and more good development prospects and.

IDCM KOREA gold on behalf of: digital currency raise period are most fund-raising through intermediaries to carry out IEO instead of digital currency exchange period to raise middleman’s role. Digital currency raise period currency price will be pulled up the project line 5-10 times, this is completely won’t listen to reason but also because of this, the emergence of digital currency will move to raise the upsurge. Although the IEO exchange Korea mostly, but not only in Korea and abroad IEO model in the future will become better and better, in the aspect of law will also appear in the corresponding laws and regulations, if the formal IEO is a good model.

2, investors:

SEED Venture Capital director Zhao: I personally think that no difference will cause no difference in the exchange of IEO. First, establish good exchange and IEO exchange, which is beneficial to the virtuous cycle, but if not, only to die together. Before the birth of the blockchain IEO financing, requires only a white paper can melt into the capital, at this stage to IEO financing is through a series of exchanges to carry out the financing review. Although the exchange does not fully recognize the prospect of the project, but each exchange will seriously to review the project before the IEO, reduced the risk for its users, but the risk is still great investors still need a rational investment.

3, project:

(anonymous) compared with only the white paper will be able to finance times, now IEO can form more on real technology, landing capability and application scenarios of the project is better times. At least there is a certain threshold of financing process, can be a good start for a really good project.

4, the KOL community and the media:

(1) BlockchainToday: IEO is more as an alternative to digital money raised and the birth of the IEO, can only be a temporary solution and cannot be completely solved now best way down market in the fall in prices. Want to expand the size of the market need for new users into investment, now rose in 2017 after falling captive investors or a lot, the number and the amount of the current investors who want to expand the size of the market is not possible. If the sto line does not work, there may be the next line of digital money raising fund-raising mode is likely to open again.

(2) USEB representative Kim: I think, only through the exchange IEO sales potential projects, it is difficult to attract successful investment. Must have the strength of the team and a solid business model. But, I think more than accept the investment stage, should be introduced for later investors value preservation policy.

(3) Dolidoli: as long as the exchange is the conscience of IEO will raise better than digital currency.

(4) THE BITWIN Global Founder Emille Kwon:IPO and IEO is still a great gap:

L investment verification and general financial responsibility: the public offering of securities companies to conduct fund-raising certification, through the HTS (have certain responsibilities), whether the exchange at the time of the IEO will carefully examine is uncertain (no liability)

L regulatory limits: in the general public offering is needed under the supervision of IEO, when there is no supervision can be raised

The l range of participants: general public offering, not only is the competent securities company members, ordinary people can also apply online, only the user at the time of the IEO itself

In all, the stability, fairness and the expansion of IEO is not yet fully. Personally think that individual investors need to first validate exchange in IEO after the TOKEN to verify whether it is worth the investment. In order to better IEO model, first of all to restore to the exchange of trust, should be to provide investors with transparent IEO process, the verification process of TOKEN.

(5) (anonymous): Although IEO in exchange also can filter out some inferior project, but it is only the exchange itself of the audit is not enough. In many associations, institutions and organizations such as South Korea, are trying to develop some of the provisions, I hope the government can launch on the basis of laws and regulations as soon as possible, to bring better development of the entire block chain market, bring more comprehensive audit items of IEO financing mode.

Four, South Korea’s IEO channel and mode

South Korea IEO, to a certain extent is built on the Token Sales idea, namely the project issued token sold, to exchange the issue, at the same time have a certain flow and endorsement channels in IEO. Mainly includes: exchange, community, community and other three types:

1, exchange Token Sales

L project to provide: white paper, website links, team information, company / project introduction, local communities, local conditions, and the progress of the project.

L exchange for the trial

L exchange with the project team meeting

L comprehensive audit


2, community Token Sales

The well-known South Korean block chain community Cobak, Tokenbank also launched similar IEO platform for fund-raising project to Token the form of discounted sales, audit threshold and the cost is relatively low and the general exchange, raising the amount is relatively low, but also can be regarded as a fund-raising channel.

3, community Token Sales

In exchange, IEO boom driven, part of the large Korean community, also began to Token Sales 1CO, previously cast form similar to some extent.

The following list, part of the South Korean IEO channel, presenting, for your study. At the same time, the exchange and cooperation of community partners involved details, commercial secrets, this report is not to do with. Learn more, can contact with the South Korean team Coinin.


1) Bitsonic

Official website:


2) Probit

Official website:

 South Korea's IEO report on raising money

3) Ventasbit

Official website:

 South Korea's IEO report on raising money

4 BTCC Korea)

Official website:

 South Korea's IEO report on raising money


Official website:

(upcoming IEO)

6) Coinbene

Official website:


7) Trebit

Official website:


8) Coinzest

Official website:

 South Korea's IEO report on raising money

9) Nexybit

Official website:

 South Korea's IEO report on raising money

10) Cashierest

Official website:

 South Korea's IEO report on raising money

11) Coinrail

Official website:

12) Upxide

Official website:

 South Korea's IEO report on raising money

13) IDCM

Official website:

 South Korea's IEO report on raising money


1) Cobak

Official website:

 South Korea's IEO report on raising money

2) Tokenbank

Official website:

 South Korea's IEO report on raising money


The community Token Sales channel, should the other requirements, do not open.

In addition, the fire coins of Korean friends news, South Korea is also in the fire coins with South Korean partners launched the IEO path through the partner platform successfully issued, for a coin currency in the fire in South korea. Coinin partner Nexus ONE fund famous Korean block chain have more cooperation and practice in IEO. (for more details, consult the Coinin micro letter: CoininKorea)

Fourth, how to do a good job in Korea IEO

How to do a problem IEO is a lot of project to understand. Overall, the first project, South Korea compliance; second: Project fundamentals + Korea brand + Korean community activity at the same time, the depth of cooperation and exchange issue, is also essential link.

1, IEO is a kind of public financing way, financing needs when it comes to investors, and investors in most places is the community and the community, whether it is a digital currency 2017 years or 2019 years to raise the upsurge of IEO, the project itself and the user community community is indispensable.

2, want to have a large number of users is essential to their projects in brand building and practicality, landing, technology, team members, the product model needs to be communicated to the user’s body through the Internet, so it is an indispensable step in IEO.

3, there are also a lot of other aspects can increase the amount of financing and the way to get more users. In addition to the project itself, and investment institutions, partners, development route, technical team, IEO exchange etc..

How to do a good job in South Korea IEO, need to have some understanding of the Korean block chain, can refer to Coinin in September 2018 released the “Korea block chain report”:

Five, IEO notes

In a sense, IEO is a “to succeed, not to fail” game — the initial stage at least on-line trading in the project, the price fell below the issue price not tokens. Otherwise, not only raised the loss of investor confidence, wait-and-see investors will therefore leave. The market confidence that the IEO may face collapse. IEO does not solve the core problem of the industry at present: good project landing, more is the exchange and issuance of audit endorsement (exchange itself and financing and circulation functions from Rong Finance), an innovative way of raising, so whether it is involved in the exchange, project, project, investors also. They need to stay awake. But the innovation itself is worth exploring.

1, compliance: consider IEO regional regulations

2, exchange: exchange in IEO major endorsement, one hand to its own brand, will be responsible for; at the same time, also do not rule out the possibility of cheating

3, the valuation is too high: high quality Exchange quantity is limited, driven by speculation, will bring the user FOMO, then may be disguised raise the valuation of the project in the future, users will likely suffer losses

4, the number of projects: suitable for IEO projects are not many, there needs to be a comprehensive audit mechanism, which shall bear the SEC role to a certain extent, the issue of quality Token. Therefore, when the market with the trend, many projects have IEO, it may be a new round of storms. Therefore, the proposed project according to their decision, investors remain sober.

Sixth, the latest IEO

1, Coinin and BlockGlobal will launch the world’s best project selection, to meet the IEO condition of high quality project, and combined with a number of exchanges, the depth to create; at the same time, referring to the South Korea stock exchange regulations, formulate a set of IEO project audit rating criteria;

Participate in project selection of outstanding IEO:


In April 2019 2, 29-30, BlockGlobal, Dconference, Coinin will hold the “2019 block chain investor summit” in Seoul, IBM/, PWC / DDT and other traditional big capital and block chain dialogue, ad hoc “IEO project area” and “the STO project” DAPP area “project area”. “IEO area”, will be invited to China and South Korea institutions involved, for the sustainable development of IEO and project selection, in-depth study. (for more details, consult the Coinin WeChat: CoininKorea)

Seven, South Korea exchange currency.

Finally, according to the recent many friends Advisory Bithumb, UPbit Cashierest, Korea exchange currency, simple explanation. The Korea exchange currency to pay strict project data and the South Korean brand community requirements, adequate preparation, can save a lot of time and cost of communication, the following simple list:

1. English or Korean

2. company profile

The 3. white paper project

4. project official website

5.Utility token (best lawyers file is Hongkong, Singapore, America)

6. present situation on the exchange (can be displayed on the Coinmarketcap above the best)

7. project information disclosure (the best is the domestic and foreign media have reported a link)

It is recommended to exchange currency in Korea or IEO, can be prepared in accordance with the above information, and then with Coinin or related communication partners. Finally, welcome to innovation, welcome challenge, hope the healthy and sustainable development. BlockGlobal and Coinin will continue to deliver more industry trends, promote together with our friends.

The above is only a partial summary, welcome the Chinese and South Korean investment contacts

Customer service: CoininKorea, Coinin WeChat update

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