Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

 Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

Last week, a series of challenges bitcoin investors psychological defense.

Since December 2017, bitcoin fell from a peak of nearly $20 thousand, there was a period of stability in the range of 6000-7000 U.S. dollars. However, this stable over the past week was completely crushed, dropping continued since bitcoin exceeded $6000, fell below $4170, hit a 17 year low since October.

 Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

The long-term holders began to evacuate

In a piece of some of the Starving people fill the land., psychological support has completely collapsed. Encryption currency investment consulting firm Onchain Capital founder said in the Twitter:

“Since this wave since the bear market, today is the first time I saw people began to evacuate, they sniff at downhearted about this technology, and this upsurge, vowed never to touch the encrypted currency, even the most daring [investors] are not talking……”

 Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

I’m afraid this is not his personal awareness. In the group of investors in 2017 Q1 buy bitcoin (when the price at $900-1300), now also began to evacuate. Digital currency exchange Genesis CEO Michael Moro recently said, “those who buy bitcoin [] in early 17 guy, this is the first time I saw them sell”, because “now the price close to the cost price of them”.

Of course, even now, the number of people at least $3000 profit margins, compared to those who later admission people have too much luck.

 Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

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(with a more than 1 years of bitcoin bitcoin investors lose confidence, ready to leave)

 Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

2018: Global Investors disaster year

Since 2018, the whole circle of currency assets shrunk dramatically, a loss of eighty or ninety per cent, each day brings new fears. The coin ring is not worth it, but nobody told us where to go.

When you look at the global financial market will find that in 2018 for all asset levels who are not friendly for a year, and the number of money but is “one game”.

In the past couple of months, the United States FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) total market value dropped 1 trillion, the NASDAQ index since April 30 8 has fallen by 15%; oil prices have plummeted, from 10 month highs per barrel (equivalent to 119.2 liters) of oil fell $20 11; November 20, P 500 index 11 plate plate down, energy and technology were down to 3.5% and 2.4%.

Some time ago, the United States James Cordier (futures gangster has published “the complete guide” option) the near collapse of the public confession video online crazy pass. James Cordier in the recent U.S. natural gas prices suffered in the warehouse explosion, he was in charge of the options trading company OptionSellers.com by mail to inform investors that the company management account suffered a devastating loss.

 Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

James Cordier in the video look dignified, repeatedly into silence

Futures gangster like this, not to mention the ordinary people. So, whether the investment encryption currency, or stocks, or the other, always remember that the investment can not exceed the scope of its affordable.

 Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

The last hope

Finally, there is another voice, that this round of bitcoin fell just out of a group of speculators, the development of encryption currency is a good thing.

Encryption currency since birth, always with the hype and bubble shadow. As early as 2017 cryptocurrencies experts put forward the “Nakamoto cycle”, in this view, when bitcoin prices rise, people for money in encryption will improve, so there is more investment, which in turn drives the bitcoin prices.

But over the past year, investors from fanaticism to gradually break up and development in block chain industry is not good, the contrast of the enlightenment, not speculators real users. They just want to rely on bitcoin overnight, instead of the true faith to the center of the assets.

The encryption currency industry if these people as users, with their demand for the product, is tantamount to suicide. For this young industry, speculators might leave the industry means a cultural change.

 Speculators exit, bitcoin dream wake up

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