Spirit of trouble: excess surplus, even more than bitcoin also hammerburst, what goods not surplus

From the end of World War II to the present, has more than 70 years, the world is no longer a large-scale war, even a small local wars and conflicts, but we in the overall peace building period, which is the prosperity of the 70 years. In the 70 years of the first half, if there is the cold war in hindering the prosperity, while the second half of the economic construction has become the core of the world, countries all over the world, the eyes to the economic growth, growth, growth.

In this context, since the 1980s, wisdom and diligence of the Chinese joined. This is the pattern of events in the 19th century, probably at the time and there is no cause for concern, but in the past 40 years, people suddenly discovered that in manufacturing, China is equal to anything, as long as the world, we can Chinese manufacturing, and manufacturing more strong than you think. In the Pacific time prosperity, the commodity manufacturing in the world, reaching beyond any century and any historical levels, but overnight, we suddenly find that we seem to be flooded the surplus of goods.

We once thought that the demand is inexhaustible, while in front of surplus goods, our desire is also very small.

I thought everyone in the world is burning oil, in the manufacture of various petroleum products, while oil resources are limited, will soon be depleted, when crude oil prices of more than $100 to $130, we feel that our needs will take these less fuel out of stone. When we heavy-hearted, the world invested in oil has reached its peak, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela, Africa and so on are looking for oil figure, and the US shale oil revolution, is the pursuit of oil, to a new level. But at the same time, the collapse of the crude oil, down $40 from $130, with less than 3 years. 2018 crude oil once again set sail, in which time to rush to the $100, or break up, back near $50.

People find a lot of crude oil fell reasons, such as Trump, but experts pointed out that the essence is the surplus of goods, the lack of demand, the National Petroleum surging capital speculation, speculation also want to not resist this trend, when the power is exhausted, collapsed, Trump only in the help of.

We have gold, only a short while ago, gold has been a hard currency in history, what will be devalued, the only gold stand. From the west to the east of the world, the pursuit of gold, is the theme of history, in demand, we think gold will never excess China aunt once with their powerful ability to purchase gold, shocked the world big Wall Street. However, the excess gold, gold fell to the lowest 1000 dollars over the past 3 years, our gold is still hovering at $1200, and become the world’s gold production for 1000-1200 dollars.

Oil, gold, other goods, needless to say more, iron and steel, coal, copper and aluminum are these traditional products, demand has lagged far behind the excess, the price that we long recovery hopes in the strike, natural disasters, regulatory policy and so on, it is useful to you, in the short term episode. Not only in the merchandise, excess is still spreading to the science and technology products, mobile phone, TV, refrigerator, computer and so on, the price war has become the mainstream of tear force.

Well, since what are the excess, we made from the theory not superfluous things, and to subvert the new face of the future of science and technology appears. This is crazy bitcoin. Yes, block chain technology represents the future, this is the probability, but bitcoin is an important product of block chain. Remember the beginning and a friend talking about bitcoin, he said the future of the world to bitcoin circulation under the national credit notes disappeared, which country is not important, bitcoin will realize how many historical predecessors did not achieve the goal of the world datong.

Beautiful and ideal desire in the economy is the new demand, this is unprecedented demand, more importantly, bitcoin more later more difficult to manufacture, designers is to design a demand and supply game world more and more problems. What are the excess, I will only bitcoin, shortage, not excessive.

However, designers ignore the 2 problems, one is the theory of bitcoin is not in excess, is the premise of bitcoin was the only. The two is that in this design, we are crazy enough to make bitcoin coinage, when an increase in the number of turns of demons. From a few cents to tens of thousands of dollars, this is going to have a friend in the eyes of the world Datong bitcoin? In the Wild Mint, bitcoin has become another excess, mine, mine, miners and excess capital feast. This variation of the excess to the critical point, but more lethal than the traditional goods and technology products.

The world commodity surplus under we enjoy prosperity, who can save our needs, our desire.

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