Sprint and Softbank to set up a telecommunications chain chain alliance

nnnThe US telecom operators Sprint, the Japanese telecom giant SoftBank and the Taiwan Telecom company Far EasTone and other well-known telecom operators together to set up the industry’s block chain alliance, has been on the chain of chain companies for the development of its platform for the Testing, hoping to attract more members, combined with more power to achieve the block chain in the field of significant development.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nA group of telecom operators set up a new chain of chains.n
nSeveral of these well-known companies include US telecom operators Sprint, Japanese telecom giant SoftBank and one of Taiwan’s largest telecoms companies – FarEasTone.n
nThe alliance, known as the Carrier Blockchain Study Group, appears to have evolved from the cooperation announced by these companies in February. At that time, Sprint and others revealed that they were testing a platform developed by Block Chain startup TBCASoft, which aims to improve communication between operators. The alliance will be unveiled on September 12 at the Mobile World Congress Americas.n
nSo far, the alliance has successfully tested the mobile payment system, and through the platform for different operators prepaid phone recharge. In the future, the organization will launch applications for connection calculation, personal authentication and debt clearing.n
nSprint’s vice president of innovation and cooperation Doug Garland said in a statement:n
nn”CBSG is leading the telecom industry to recognize and develop block chain technology, and when these operators work together and take advantage of new platforms and new ecosystems, the subversion potential of the block chain will be fully exploited globally.”n
nnCompanies participating in the alliance expressed the hope that it would attract more operators. From the announcement, the alliance will become the “telecom operators to solve the technology, business and various jurisdictional issues related to” the center.n

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