Stanford University will provide online digital currency tutorial

Stanford University will provide online digital currency tutorial

School of Engineering Stanford University will open a new course in this year, the new curriculum will take “encryption currency: bitcoin and his opponents” as the theme. Teaching time: September 21, 2015 to December 9th.

DanBoneh as a professor of computer science professor Standford School of engineering of the new curriculum. He thinks:

“Bitcoin and other encryption technology is behind the digital currency protection information is very important and indispensable means”. He felt that the virtual currency has the potential to change the existing payment industry.


Boneh said:

Stanford University is committed to solve the safety problems of the global network, can let users and together we learn the skills needed to protect the network security”

The course mainly focuses on bitcoin Technology

According to the course of interpretation, new curriculum covers how to write secure software (code programming), digital encryption currency system (system) in terms of the interaction and the reliability of distributed consensus. The subject includes: competitive currency, bitcoin transactions, consensus protocol, encryption world currency, elliptic curve, hash function, mining strategy and incentive system and supervision, no cash currency bitcoin.

In August 25th, will be released in advance for a free webinar, the meeting time for the morning of 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. (PST), 1 pm to 2 pm (Eastern standard time).

During the seminar, Boneh will carry on the development in the field of computer security and encryption currency to answer. Boneh is an expert in network security, has been committed to using the method of interdisciplinary research, create easy to use and deployment of security mechanism.

Standford is also co director of the Boneh Laboratory of computer security. In 2015 the White House Network Security and consumer protection, he also invited to attend the summit.

The course is a part of the network security project

This new curriculum is a part of the network security project, the project is to provide professional and technical advances in information technology perspective.

Including other network security courses:

Computer and network security

An Introduction to Computer Networks

introduction to cryptography

Operating system and system programming

Technology and national security

The registered students can browse the specific content of the project on the Internet


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