Star Incubator Science plans to raise $ 100 million through the ICO to support the chain chain business

nnnThe Science of the Dollar Shave Club, which has invested $ 1 billion in Unilever’s acquisition, will launch a new incubator project, Science Blockchain, with ICO financing between $ 50 million and $ 100 million to support New block chain theme project. The news further focuses on the traditional capital sector on new financing channels and investment patterns.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nCalifornia Santa Monica Incubator Incubator is about to launch ICO, the goal is to raise $ 100 million to support the new block chain theme project.n
nThe Science and Wall Street Journal reported that Science, known for its early investment in Dollar Shave Club (last year’s consumer giants Unilever’s $ 1 billion acquisition), will launch a new incubator project, Science Blockchain, and ICO financing. The Wall Street Journal reported that the incubator had a target of between $ 50 million and $ 100 million, although Science did not officially confirm the amount.n
nAlthough the details of the tokens start date and other details is not clear, this news is the traditional capital of the world pay attention to the new financing model, change venture capital companies to invest in the latest proof of the way business companies.n
nVenture capital companies will also use the tokens to find new ways of financing. For example, Kik, a venture capital firm that has reached $ 120 million by risk financing, will launch an etherpot-based tokens and ICO to implement the plan to create a digital services market.n
nBut the ICO model is not uncontested. Although supporters say it can reduce the barriers to capital acquisition, critics say it will continue to cheat. And last week’s block chain tokens report shows that the US Securities and Exchange Commission has strengthened the securities regulatory enforcement.n

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