Star | species block chain technology based on credit data sharing platform sacks of wealth, want to solve the data acquisition, the realization of the pain points

 Star | species block chain technology based on credit data sharing platform sacks of wealth, want to solve the data acquisition, the realization of the pain points

Over the past five years to about 15% yuan credit growth rate in 2017 reached 124 trillion yuan market scale. But because the data acquisition costs and policy uncertainty, the market penetration of personal credit industry maintained at around 9%.

From the stage of development, the domestic credit service industry in the initial stage, the typical application is mainly financial. From a policy perspective, to promote the construction of national social credit system. For example, this year the evening of January 4th, the central bank issued the “100 Credit Limited” related publicity, marking the “letter of” official landing.

However, the current credit rating to central bank credit oriented, open and limited coverage is not enough. According to reports, as of March 2016, the natural person has the central bank credit records of only 390 million, the total population of less than 30%. For credit companies, the data quantity is less, most only provide a single query. The company also has alliance sharing technology is not standard, the lack of data protection mechanism. The credit market is isolated information distribution, high rate of bad debts.

The daily planet Odaily recently come into contact with the sack of wealth, want to solve the credit industry data acquisition, liquidation and other issues with block chain technology. Sack wealth is lending network information intermediary platform of Shanghai Kai bank Mdt InfoTech Ltd’s operations, CITIC industrial fund holding enterprises.

The sack of wealth CTO Wang Libo said that the traditional credit industry existing data acquisition standards, data quality, data preliminary to know a single, small quantity of data, data silos and other issues, to break the inter agency sack wealth “information island by block chain technology”.

Wang Libo said that the blockchain credit data sharing platform contains four core functions: Based on access, sharing, exchange and evaluation.

 Star | species block chain technology based on credit data sharing platform sacks of wealth, want to solve the data acquisition, the realization of the pain points

In the access rules, establish access rules platform, audit to be settled in the members of the alliance, to ensure real and effective data sharing; sharing mode design, through block chain technology data, the provider and consumer credit data without the need to provide their full credit database, you can query and share data; the transaction, the transaction mechanism characteristic, makes the data providers can benefit from sharing data. The trading mechanism, namely when the credit data of participants need to query an entity, only need to calculate the entity identified by public abstract algorithm, open database query, get the information provider with the query interface, to query data providers. At the same time will make the query action as a transaction information recorded, for cost and back calculation; evaluation platform, the introduction of data evaluation mechanism, the survival of the fittest on credit data providers, to ensure the quality of the data of the platform.

Compared to other credit data sharing platform, Wang Libo believes, has a wealth of financial property sacks, The advantage of using their own wind control experience and polished sophisticated risk control system, forming a control service model and risk control tools combined with the wind. Some of the risk control ability is weak members of the alliance can use the sack service rapid business wealth, reduce early input costs, so as to improve the ability to control the wind.

In addition, in the aspect of data privacy protection, the platform does not touch the original data, the original data is stored in the local data provider, only a few of the information on the blockchain after desensitization preservation. For members of the alliance, the platform provides access platform and SDK unified, reduce the access cost of alliance members.

In theory, block chain can indeed solve many pain points in the field of credit, will block all of the information through the chain to achieve multiple node information sharing. But the age of the Internet, the data is the wealth of enterprises, in the process of landing, enterprises will put their accumulated data out to share?

Wang Libo said, look at the platform on-line since April 2017, has begun to take shape from the data quantity, has also attracted some of the credit data needs of the enterprise to join. The enterprise alliance can be realized through the platform of credit data improve its risk control model, and then improve the main business risk control ability, reduce the rate of bad debts, improve profit. At the same time, the platform is currently focused on how to attract more institutions to join, the accumulation of multiple body multiple dimensions of massive data, therefore, the platform to relax the qualified enterprise access threshold, the alliance enterprises only need to provide a single dimension data. Such as the basic information (such as identity cards, units, education), black ash (for example, the list of bad credit and lending long) biometric features (such as face recognition) and other data types.

According to reports, the project in the planning stage the sack of wealth in Shanghai City, Jiading District development and Reform Commission approval, and through the “development of Shanghai service industry 2016 annual fund project” application, in October this year, the acceptance of the project by the Jiading District development and Reform Commission with the relevant experts.

Wang Libo said that the sack of wealth value will gradually in depth after push reflected, it would cooperate with the active enterprise depth, and finally let the enterprise can be filled in the sack of wealth data short board. In this process, the data continue to enrich and deepen, also can attract more partners to join the platform, is a positive cycle.

For credit platform, the amount of data is very important. But for the agencies, the accumulation of data is more long, the dynamic data sharing mechanism will also increasingly weak. Overall, credit platform how to access more data, how to carry out the distribution of benefits and the data organization, how effective operation platform, standardized rating, is the urgent need to solve the problem, from the wide range of the real ground and there is a long way to go.

The sack of wealth has more than 60 people in the R & D team. CEO Wei Kun, master of the University of Reading International Securities Market Research Center, master of accountancy Napier University in the United kingdom. BOC International Securities Investment Banking Division to participate in a number of mergers and restructuring of state-owned enterprises in the project, CITIC Securities direct investment subsidiary (Goldstone) for the parent fund business, and initiated the establishment of equity investment fund management in multi branch, has many years of experience in financial product design, risk control, investment portfolio management. CTO Wang Libo, has more than ten years of technical architecture and technical management experience, practical experience in years of bank insurance providers and other industries, focus on the field of high concurrency, high availability, distributed and big data technology research, leading domestic and foreign insurance companies and well-known business core system upgrade work.

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