Status Introduces 0.9.10 alpha version

nnnThe blog is updated, announcing the release of the alpha version, and a brief overview of its progress in the text, so that community members, users, investors and other stakeholders understand their problems and development in the development process. Status once again stressed the hope that more people will be able to participate in its development, encourage everyone through a variety of channels to interact with, give meaningful feedback.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nWe are pleased to announce that Status’s 0.9.10 alpha version has been launched on Android and iOS.n
nIf you have been focusing on our development over the past year, then you will know that we are using the rolling release cycle, the following we will elaborate on the issue.n
nWe opened another 1000 Android invitations, iOS invitations will be sent to our early supporters and those who completed our first user survey. This article describes how you can test Status at the end of this article.n
nUpdate the summaryn
nnYou can now use location, send, and request commands in group chat.n
nnnThe location command provides a map that displays the current location and allows the user to select or search for an address on the map. In view of privacy considerations, this will be provided by Mapbox (using OpenStreetMap) instead of Google Maps.n
nnnThe send command has been updated and the user can select the recipient and change the cost.n
nnnThe wallet UI’s redesign model has been completed and approved for iOS and Android, which will be implemented.n
nnnManagement and modification of development environment and infrastructure services. Refactoring and testing updates.n
nnnCorrect the error in the status response module.n

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nSpecific progress reportn
nnWallet UI new designn
nWallet UI redesign model has been completed, will be put into use.n
nThis PR changes the interface of the main wallet, you can guide the simulation to send the transaction interface.n
nnNetwork switchingn
nOngoing network switching, mainly in the study of network configuration JSON-RPC Server Delegation.n
nnOptimized usen
nThe CallRPC method used in status-go. When making this change, we will stop using the Http RPC call to communicate with the local geth node. This will optimize performance, improve security, and simplify the process of recovering applications from background mode.n
nnBug fixesn
nThe following errors have been fixed in the last two weeks:n
nThe information of the participant who added the new chat is not displayed at the bottom of the chat.n
nIf the user attempts to enter a 15-digit number after the decimal point to send the requested number, the APP will not respond to it.n
nUser A’s new message sent after clearing the chat history will be displayed at the top of the group chat, and all other users will be able to see it.n
nWhen user A deletes the private chat with user B and opens it again, the information is displayed at the top of the chat.n
nThe user who issued the location command receives plain text instead of the map.n
nAPP will crash when a new chat starts after the console chat is transferred.n
nWhen using a password recovery account, instead of creating a new account, the entire account is transferred.n
nIf you convert your profile photo to a photo and ask for eth in group chat, APP will crash.n
nnKnown issuesn
nThe faucet request does not send an ETH.n
nThe APP crashes after sending the location command multiple times in the chat.n
nAfter the APP is started, the send and location messages are displayed in plain text for a few seconds.n
nA send transaction in group chat shows two send messages instead of a message.n
nIf the cost is changed to the cheapest level, the transaction will not appear in the wallet.n
nCan not copy / paste location coordinates and address.n
nSometimes, after sending emoticons, suggestions for sending / requesting and location are not displayed.n
nThe removed transaction is displayed in private chat.n
nThe second time the “Send” command is used, the keyboard is not displayed.n
nThe request message received when no group chat is opened does not display “from name”.n
nDevice error or offline, “Password error” will be displayed even if the correct password is provided.n
nNo text or 0WEI wallet, the “open wallet” button did not respond.n
nInstabug tellers in the United States and Canada do not receive text messages with confirmation codes.n
n2 accounts can not communicate if they are created on the same device.n
nSynchronous leads to high power consumption.n
nAndroid crashes on Android.n
nnKnown limitationsn
nFor the upgraded version: After the upgrade, all old send / request / location messages will be deleted, and the chat will contain only text and emoticons.n
nIf the new version sends eth to the group chat, the old version crashes.n
nIf the new version sends a location command to a private chat or group chat, the old version crashes.n
nTwo-pronged approachn
nAndroid – get news on our home page to get updates, get one of 1,000 new places in the Play Store, build Status for yourself, or try nightly build.n
niOS – invites are reserved for early adopters who have already been registered on our homepage, but we will continue to issue new invitations on a regular basis.n
nExchange updatesn
nIn order to improve transparency, we announced the day-to-day work of the core team and posted it to “Status Slack”.n
nWe are working with the community every two weeks of “talk” activities, so that everyone can participate in our work and promote our development. The first event was held at 16:00 (CEST) on August 17th, in Slack on a textual basis.n
nWe created a project management repository, our meeting records will be more and more open (currently only includes our design calls).n
nParticipation methodn
nStatus is an open source project, if you want to participate in the development – the best way is to build your own Status, explore our open issues, and in our Slack on the exchange. We prefer to hire a core contributor based on the solicitation request.n
nIf you feel like you can help us develop the community in other ways, we’d love to hear from you. You can interact with us or subscribe to Status Subreddit on Twitter or Facebook.n
nYou can also visit the following link to become part of the Status team.

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