Stellar quietly fix bugs, had abused attacker create 2 million 250 thousand XLM

Editor’s note: the author Messari Messari, compiled by the Odaily team, the daily planet Qin Xiaofeng, reproduced please indicate the source.

 Stellar quietly fix bugs, had abused attacker create 2 million 250 thousand XLM

Messari a copy of the latest research report shows that the star coins (Stellar) in 2017 there had been a loophole, and abused attacker creates 2 million 250 thousand XLM (about $10 million). The bug stars Development Foundation (SDF) was found, and the repairs were carried out after the accident.

The Messari report said:

  • In 2017, an attacker using star code in the “mergeo frame: doApply” function, create 2 million 250 thousand Stellar for yourself.

  • At that time, the amount accounted for about 25% of the supply of circulation. SDF eventually fix this bug, and decided from the community reserves burning the same amount of Stellar to offset illegal inflation. SDF publicly disclosed on the matter is relatively low-key, there seems to be no earlier media reports about this vulnerability.

  • Stellar Expert or other browsers to block access to the affected address and the relevant error record, but our research team through the Horizon client transaction history tracking to historical affairs.

  • Illegal creation of Stellar was transferred to the exchange, and may be sold in the bull market in the first half of 2017.

Before the report was released, Messari contacted Stellar, who had admitted the existence of information disclosure is not comprehensive, and said:

We are constantly improving the disclosure standards. Since then there is no what note bug. If so, we will be fixed in its release all the details of it. As our last month in 2019 roadmap to describe it, we have promised before the end of this year all the past to SDF full liquidation, more details about this old problem will be a part of them.

Stellar is a technology based on Ripple code to create and modify, issued in 2014, the total set to 100 billion. However, production is not the star currency shrinking, but an increase of 1%. The original founder of its founder Jed McCaleb is Japan’s trading platform Mt. Gox, and he was co-founder of digital currency payment network laboratory of gerbaud.

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