Stripe support BTC BCH or stop payment become the successor

Stripe support BTC BCH or stop payment become the successor

Stripe is a solution of online payment company, for the enterprise in 2014, Stripe became the first company to support bitcoin payment of large payment companies. In January 23, 2018 Stripe announced in the next three months will gradually stop support bitcoin payment application, and in April 23, 2018 the largest complete encryption currency support.

Stripe leader Carlo said: “due to the bitcoin transaction confirmation transaction time is too long, high failure rate and rising transaction costs, let bitcoin in Stripe businesses increasingly unpopular. Because of this, we see that our clients accept bitcoin will continue to decline. Those who accept payment in bitcoin business, we see them from bitcoin in revenue dropped significantly. In practical terms, acceptance or use of bitcoin payment becomes more and more unreasonable.”

This is another due to the bitcoin high fees and slow speed of transactions and give support for BTC enterprises. A few weeks ago like STEAM, but also because bitcoin high fees and slow trading speed and announced that it would no longer support BTC. The establishment of bitcoin over the years at collapse results one by one, people can not help but sigh.

In addition to the official website of bitcoin updates for bitcoin this word, the original Fast is removed, the low fee is also removed! That is to say it BTC good fast and cheap!

Although the Stripe announced that it would no longer accept BTC payment, but Stripe still said the digital currency support, he said there are other digital currency on the platform will be the future. Perhaps the future will replace BCH BTC as a digital currency transaction support Stripe.

Bitcoin cash is split from the block currency bitcoin community, is the chain expansion, so BCH has a faster, cheaper payment advantage. As more and more service providers such as bitpay and yours will replace BTC payment BCH payment. BCH filled BTC payment market.

BCH is becoming more and more popular

In January 24, 2018 18 PM coinbase’s exchange GDAX officially launched the BCH/EUR transaction. In the United States the largest exchange BCH for the first time can be directly converted into euros, no doubt, this is great news for the popularity of the BCH.

The evening of February 1, 2018 9 Paris will be held the first bitcoin cash will be met, there have been more than 80 people from the meeting Facebook page or enroll in the event. Bitcoin coin of the biggest bit French Association “(laMaisonduBitcoin) support and participate in this activity, the bitcoin cash in France is an important breakthrough in popularization activities. There are French local BCH bar, you can buy beer with BCH in it, playing video games or other recreational activities.

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