Students use loopholes “cheated” of Jingdong of 110 million, the center of white holes, block chain can fill?

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3 8, the concern of the Jingdong in Changsha ious loopholes fraud verdicts, Wang 9 suspects for defrauding Jingdong 110 million yuan, was sentenced for fraud 10 years 9 months to 1 years 2 months of imprisonment, involved, including Wang there are 4 students.

Third Wang in 2017 discovered there is a huge loophole: the opening of Jingdong ious ious without my real name verification, do not bind the bank card, only the identity information can be registered account, and apply directly ious audit interview.

The interview part useless, just to get others in student information communication network for the application, you can easily pass.

Find the interests of Wang, quickly together with other friends illegally steal others’ information used to register the ious account, and will buy goods sold stolen goods, after the distribution of interests, to form a “chain lie close pin”.

The crime process simulation diagram

It is reported that China currently has more than 200 because of “Jingdong ious” fraud crime and sentenced, the average age of 107 people involved have to disclose the maximum sentence of 28 years, 19 years. But because the victims deceived students lead to fraudulent use of identity information over the 362, sad.

In this case, the Jingdong responded to 2017 ious vulnerabilities have been repaired, Jingdong currently has financial verification of identity upgrade for face recognition and other intelligent methods.

But for the fraudulent use of identity information and impaired users, in the identification of fraudulent users, will be exempt from responsibility for repayment, and the special treatment of the accounts, does not affect the user credit.

What is the Jingdong white holes?

Review in the case of Wang’s fraud process, it is not difficult to find the following two questions.

  • The real name system part of the business logic vulnerabilities: registered account and apply for ious business, I do not need the real name authentication, do not bind the bank card, directly into the interview.

  • Interview and risk control problems in company: the suspect holding other documents were signed, blind lot officer local, and signed to record video upload headquarters, multiprogramming failed to find fraud occurred, the company own aspects of risk control problems.

Since the Jingdong belongs to the ious consumer finance business, the assets of the large amount of data, the traditional mode of management is more complex, if all the manual transmission verification, low efficiency is self-evident, therefore automatic wind control is necessary.

Ious management difficulties, block chain can do what?

All sorts of problems on the ious business, Jingdong is also constantly trying new technology in recent years, the concept of hot chain block technology is one of them.

For example, in June 13, 2018, the “financial Jingdong – Huatai information management Jingdong No. 19 ious accounts receivable asset-backed special plan establishment, the establishment of multi Jingdong financial deployment alliance chain of ABS (asset securitization) cloud platform blockchain underlying technology upgrade.

Its significance lies in the optimization of consumer finance in the underlying assets of the project. Asset data Jingdong ABS involves a large amount of IOUS and complicated management. When the trustees and managers and other parties involved in trade, logistics, delivery to verification of information, usually by lawyers to do transmission verification.

Using the characteristics of anti tampering technology of Distributed Accounting, block chain technology, IOUs business assets and the underlying cash flow, accounting data, product information flow can be shared in real time and confirm the transaction between the parties involved in the ABS, helps to achieve and improve the efficiency of credit information, directly reduce the ious business credit risk.

The bottom block chain transformation, try to crack the problem of financial ABS good intention, but the center of the ious business, can also through the block chain technology optimization?

How to use the white block chain, realize to the center?

33 complex beauty is one of the earliest investment blockchain ious business of the company, for this event, the CEO Wu Sijin believes that the status of block chain technology can change the traditional Internet business.

In Wu Sijin’s view, the “white fraud” is essentially the wind control loopholes, no registration of real name authentication: the current Internet market is mainly the ious business, large enterprises occupied, and face the risk existing in business, large enterprises are accustomed to through promoting the subjective crime cost to curb the risk for the wind control technology is to reduce the cost management, in fact the existing face recognition technology can prevent.

At present, the Internet scenario, even if the user of the real name authentication, IOUs risk still exists.

On the one hand, the “white” belongs to consumer loans of financial services, the purchase of goods, the nature is not open around the payment link.

At present, we used to use the payment password, once the password is intercepted, or the center of the database was compromised, and was used to pay the criminals will be very dangerous. In the traditional Internet and solving scheme, system can not judge whether I pay.

But the blockchain is given new payment authorization scheme is verified by the local user private key signature. Block chain solutions, a user only corresponding private key used for digital signatures, the behavior of users need to verify the signature.

The user with the other party one interaction can be simply regarded as a transaction, the original transaction data and the user’s private key signature algorithm through the synthesis of formal transaction data, user private key after the confirmation, the transaction data will be broadcast on the block chain, and by all the nodes involved in check, will eventually check correctly the data recorded by block chain, distributed to the center of the accounting.

While the blockchain theory can only have private key users, not character passwords stored in the database in the center of the need for verification.

The blockchain private key is generated by the random algorithm, the private key is obtained by the SHA256 algorithm, the elliptic curve algorithm for public key private key generation. The public key used to confirm the transaction in the collection, due to the characteristics of asymmetric encryption, so that the user’s private key is to intercept and break the high costs, will greatly enhance the security of the payment link, effectively protect the privacy of users.

Schematic diagram of key generation principle

In addition, the transaction information block chain all the chain, and can not be tampered with, all the trading process more easy to follow, through technical means to further improve the cost of crime.

White in the future, the small and medium-sized enterprise counter attack

Although the block chain technology to pay part of the optimization, will greatly enhance the user information security and platform credibility, but Wu Sijin believes that the greatest significance for the blockchain ious business, reflected in the market for small and medium-sized enterprises through remodeling, block chain technology to achieve counter attack.

In the “white fraud case”, Jingdong such a giant enterprise resource is very wide, once drilling technical loopholes, still can recoup their losses in a timely manner through the legal team strong, and if it is small and medium-sized enterprises in the same situation, finally I fear that the consequences will be very difficult to say, this situation will undoubtedly lead to small and medium-sized enterprises to flinch consumer loan business.

But the use of block chain technology, directly reduce the technology cost control aspects of consumer loans to the wind, and help small and medium enterprises to reduce barriers to entry, especially to reduce the server security requirements, which makes small and medium-sized enterprise data security has been recognized by the user, thus obtained the technology capital and the center of the large enterprises for the market.

In addition, forensics block chain technology in judicial arbitration process, also can solve the problem that the traditional Internet can not solve the problem.

For example, we cooperate with the Hangzhou court’s “Internet contract chain” project, through the Internet court deposit certificate of “certification, consumption and other data on the action chain, and includes electronic contract and transaction data are required by the inexperienced party key signature verification, or not to shirk responsibility.

Once discovered fraud or legal disputes, the court by block chain traceability and obtaining data and evidence, the legal responsibility of all parties involved will clear judicial efficiency will be significantly improved.

Now the center of the body with the advantages of interface flow, through the ious business easy profit, but in the future the blockchain era, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises will go through the block chain solutions Center issued IOUs, get more living space, consumers will get more and better financial services and user experience.

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