Stumble endlessly! Bitcoin fell below $5000 to its lowest level in 13 months

In the new 11 20, Jingwei client according to the British “Financial Times” reported on the 20, and other bitcoin currency fell again today local time encryption. Investor sentiment on the market outlook continues to deteriorate, previously the main currency of encryption “hard bifurcate” and regulators have also strengthened supervision.

According to Coindesk data, bitcoin (the first and most famous encryption currency) in early trading fell below $5000 mark, and hit a 13 month low, at $5056.53, down 7.3%.

Other encryption currency decline, measured by market value ranked third in the digital currency Ethernet Fang (Ethereum) fell nearly 12% to $150.72. Wright credits (Litecoin) and Ethernet Fang drop equal to $36.95. With reboxetine (Ripple) Association (XRP) is the performance of reboxetine currency virtual currency best, fell by only 2.9% to $0.4958.

Monday is the bitcoin connect eighth fell, causing the price once flying encryption currency from December 2017 hit nearly $20 thousand highs down 75%.

Analysis reported that the recent decline is bitcoin cash for the so-called “hard fork” after the. The encrypted bitcoin currency as the original clone on Tuesday, split into different versions, because the currency of the developers and miners could not reach agreement on its future direction. Bitcoin split, and less money will split the prospect of encryption, these actions may trigger on the existing encryption currency value dilution effect question.

The report pointed out that the current CoinMarketCap encryption of monetary statistics website listed the price list of more than 2000 kinds of encryption currency. Bitcoin is the advent of a few months after the collapse of Lehman brothers in the autumn of 2008, the government and people to distrust state backed currency. But recent events highlight the chaotic nature of the industry, as well as the encryption currency can be a reliable store of value.

The report also pointed out that all of this is to strengthen the supervision of the industry occurred on the occasion of the supervision department.

Reported that in 2017 the first issue of the two tokens (ICO) to raise funds for the company to sell encrypted currency, last week by U.S. regulators ordered to return funds to investors, because it has no ICO registered as securities. The SEC and Paragon of Coin and CarrierEQ reached a settlement, causing people to other companies will also be forced to follow the worry. (new latitude APP)

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