Su Zitong, CEO of AMD: The company is enthusiastically involved in the blockchain

nRunaway Comment: Su Zitfeng, CEO of AMD, a large semiconductor company, said the company is interested in blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency mining market, but it is still necessary to observe trends in the business sector and in all walks of life. This part of the demand for graphics card sales only a small part of the impact, the customer base only accounts for about 5% of the overall.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Lisa Su, chief executive of AMD, a large semiconductor company, said the company is interested in participating in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency mining. She further said that the company is just watching the business sector and how businesses will use the blockchain and digital currencies before taking any action.n
Her recent statement is completely different from earlier statements about the company’s blockchain plans and projects.n
In his interview with CNBC’s Power Lunch Exclusive, Su Tse-tung talked about a number of issues including the blockchain, the U.S. tax reform act, corporate sexual harassment, and the major cryptocurrency Bitcoin.n
She also shared her thoughts on digital currency mining and its impact on graphics sales. Claiming that the virtual currency miner is only a small part of the company’s sales.n
n”Encrypting money miners are a very small part of the sale, and they represent only about 5% of buyers (about 4% to 6%).”n
nnThis number is hard to convince me that my expectations are much higher as graphics prices continue to rise beyond the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (not much changed shortly after the start of the writing, but as soon as I am ready to submit the article, the price begins Bounced back, happened to encounter cryptographic currency prices, increased return on investment, to promote mining heat up).n
Other interview focusn
Su Zitong interview also mentioned the company’s operation and development, said the game is still the company’s huge market growth point.n
She also announced the release of ten new product lines, up from the 2016 sales of the company on Amazon and Newegg. The company’s processor sales tripled, while the graphics card sales rose double-digit.n

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