Sun Yuchen: the blockchain new king of comedy

Editor’s note: This article from the vernacular block chain (ID:hellobtc), author: Liu Yijia, the daily planet Odaily authorized reprint.

 Sun Yuchen: the blockchain new king of comedy

He believes in compliance with the principle of the act was “when the first” new concept writing contest: the ninth session of the first Peking University Department of history; the first grade; the first 90 students Lake University; founded Twitter first big block chain community……

The reason he gives is: “this is a press the accelerator of the times, I must not be left behind.”

Today he is the protagonist of Sun Yuchen. He heads of countless rings: “North Curve Wrecker”, “Forbes under the age of 30 entrepreneurs”, “” Asian weekly “cover” and “the Jack Ma young disciples”……

These rings in his shining at the same time, also let him controversial. Today, let us look at Sun Yuchen’s legendary life.

A student continuous counter attack, play wind ball youth

Sun Yuchen (Justin), was born in 1990 in Qinghai of Xining. As a sophomore, due to focus on programming, literary creation, causing the result hovering in the three line. Three, to realize the great significance of the college entrance examination he make efforts to achieve counter attack, in just one year, admitted to the Peking University. The same year, he also won the first prize of the ninth new concept composition contest.

In college, he was influential man of Peking University. In 2008, Peking University won the ninth title of the top ten speech. In 2009, Chinese University Hong Kong history professional exchange, the same year on behalf of the Peking University in Harvard University Model United Nations Conference held in Holland, Hague. In 2010, the internship in the Southern Weekend headquarters, the same year on sage Hu Shi founded the “weekly review”, comment school politics, popular campus. In 2011, Sun Yuchen bursts of several articles, an outspoken critic of Peking University to develop a consultation system, he also became the 2011 twenty-sixth “Asian weekly” cover.

He graduated from the History Department of Peking University scored in the first grade, and a graduate student at University of Pennsylvania. The same year, he won the Nobel prize winner Li Zhengdao “Jun Zheng fund” to Taiwan national Tsinghua University exchange, “Jun Zheng scholars” title.

Sun Yuchen is known as one of the representatives of Peking University and 90. In the past, Sun Yuchen said frankly: I first half of life is basically in the fight against the wind the ball, and I slowly feel very good to play wind ball.

Investment and entrepreneurship simultaneously, radical 90

During the study in the University of Pennsylvania, Sun Yuchen began his investment in the road. For Tesla, income more than 4 times, then bitcoin was more than twenty times earnings. During the period, shall share in the same lucrative investment.

In the investment at the same time, Sun Yuchen also poured into the tide of entrepreneurship.

At first, he founded when international, America’s reputation in the three of us are walking together with student groups in the United States in the great, and the development between China and the United States first to study in the United States as the background, to focus on us young people to target new media platform and the content providers.

Review of this experience, Sun Yuchen bluntly:

Founded in America three of us are walking together, is a success for my student age. This period of entrepreneurial experience to hone my mind, unite for future entrepreneurial team, let me for the start of uncertainty and cruelty have preliminary adaptation. Entrepreneurship is a way of life to a certain extent, it is not only boring, but also full of spark; it is desperate, and will let you filled with hope.

Because of its early bitcoin investment experience, Sun Yuchen is active in the United States bitcoin community, and interested in encryption currency, to the center of the settlement agreement.

At the end of 2013 years, Sun Yuchen gave up a PhD opportunities, formally joined the RippleLabs, a Ripple protocol developer.

In 2014, Sun Yuchen won the IDG capital investment, returning to the creation of Chinese first in to the center of the clearing system of product development company, sharp wave world science and technology limited company. At the same time, RippleLabs appointed Sun Yuchen as the representative of China office chief representative, responsible for all business in greater china.

In April 2015, Sun Yuchen led the company to obtain sharp wave, ChinaEquity capital and many other institutions tens of millions of dollars level A round of financing.

Sun Yuchen officially opened in the block chain industry layout.

Wave field make first appearance

In 2017, Sun Yuchen in the “world blockchain summit” published “From it to bit” keynote speech. Then launched his wave field (TRON). The project aims to use block chain technology, constructing the free content to the center of the global entertainment system.

In 2017, digital currency love become a business outlet in Western europe”. In August 22nd, the wave field in a total of 500 million platform currency currency (TRX) wave of panic buying activity, were sold out within 53 seconds. Subsequently, China Internet Finance Association released “ICO” to prevent various types of risk that mention the alleged fraud, illegal securities love in Western Europe, such as the illegal fund-raising behavior. Feel the pressure of the policy of Sun Yuchen, to speed up the pace of love in Western europe. In September 2nd, the wave field in advance of love in Western europe. In September 3rd, Sun Yuchen said publicly that “wave coins” love Western Europe officially completed.

On September 4th, it completed second days of love wave field in Western Europe, nine ministries jointly issued “on the issue of financing risk prevention notice” tokens, stop all kinds of love in Western Europe, and asked the coin.

Who was in South Korea’s Sun Yuchen in the broadcast said “no coin”. At the same time, there are a number of media reports, the office of the wave field empty, Sun Yuchen on the shoulder “coin circle Jia Yueting” name.

Under pressure from all sides, eventually Sun Yuchen will raise about 400 million financing return. Then returned to the United States, continue to promote the activities of the wave field. At this point, Sun Yuchen disappeared in china.

“Marketing genius” return wave counter attack

In October 2017, the wave field has landed a number of tokens for overseas trading platform. Then have 10 million registered users, “with my App” to join the wave field, the current version of Android has TRX recharge and withdrawals function.

The same year 12 month, and currency wave field do a deal to send Martha Lahti, trading volume time TRX currency climbed to safety first platform. At the same time, the wave field continues to recruit technical team. Alibaba chief data mining expert Zhao Hong, intelligent Sales Department technical expert Zhang Sicong, U.S. technology expert Wu Bin, top password expert Zhang Anwen have joined the wave field.

1 2018, Sun Yuchen announced on micro-blog “refused to participate in the domestic IFO, IMO, private investment, generation, adherence to domestic law”.

With the wave field in the market of the good performance, the public gradually disappeared for Sun Yuchen’s crusade.

At the end of March 2018, Sun Yuchen successfully completed in all academic Lake College, became the first University Lake 90 students to complete their studies. This news, Sun Yuchen returned to public view.

 Sun Yuchen: the blockchain new king of comedy

The Sun Yuchen Lake Ming University apricot gift certificate

Then the wind of public opinion began to tilt, marketing genius Sun Yuchen, officially opened the wave field gorgeous counter attack road.

According to the “Juankuan run away” rumors, Sun Yuchen micro-blog responded and inform the public he has returned to the normal operation of the company management. Subsequently, he forwarded a number of media interviews, revealing his “would rather bear the infamy of getting things done, nor do the tragic hero” lofty ideals and high aspirations.

Sun Yuchen issued a document called the Yangtze River business school has successfully completed a period of 3 years of studies, and expressed the hope that the knowledge and experience to be able to contact in college, used in this new industry chain building blocks. Then Sun Yuchen micro-blog released in the “super representative election caused by wave field of the TRON community open letter”, announced the first 27 super representative election, autonomous community building of general election.

The main line of Sun Yuchen on the eve of the wave field, wave field COO to easily respond to their “black history”: “make complaints about face tremendous pressure and challenge in the team, there are always people choose before loading the line, some people choose to cut the distance.” This did not affect Sun Yuchen’s personal image, but also the main line of online publicity.

In July 24, 2018, Sun Yuchen micro-blog has announced that it has successfully completed the BitTorrent and all of its product purchase.

Sun Yuchen repeatedly stated: BitTorrent has more than 100 million users, our goal is to bring these huge users into the ecosystem in the wave field.

TRON chain network virtual machine live version shortly after September 4th, according to the blockchain browser and display, wave field network address account has reached 301604, exceeding EOS.

Since then, Sun Yuchen has paid the technology absorbing Daniel, hoping to reverse the outside world for the wave field “stereotype without technology” impression. Cryptocurrencies winter period, many companies have begun to block chain layoffs, but the wave field opens recruitment mode. Sun Yuchen is often in micro-blog, twitter propaganda “to resume”.

Sun Yuchen frequently released to the outside of the wave field “gratifying results”:

  • In November 19th, the wave field daily new users reached twenty thousand, this data is ten times that of EOS, is expected to break the record.

  • In November 24th, a record and wave field daily transfer number 1 million 840 thousand, is three times the number 670 thousand Ethernet transfer workshop.

  • In December 2nd, the wave field transfer number exceeded 2 million 390 thousand, the address number exceeded 700 thousand, has reached 4.5 times the square of the ethernet.

  • In December 16th, the total number of wave field transfer exceeded 100 million, and this result spent 173 days.

So far, the wave field from an outside the mouth of the “air” project, gradually become the dark horse of potential counter attack, as well as 2018 years of work in a team”.

Some people have commented Sun Yuchen: “at the beginning of being the most miserable is you, at the end of the most reliable project or you.”

In 2019 Sun Yuchen, desperately, waves continue to open high-speed operation mode in the new year. In the wave field in the community, there is such a very inspirational words: “Sun Yuchen block chain practitioners do not need to sleep.”

In January 3rd, currency Security announced the upcoming launch of two projects to raise the public, Sun Yuchen’s BitTorrent became the first Launchpad project on currency. All the chips open, quickly snapped up. Opening day, BTT prices soared five times, in the whole encryption currency deep bear environment, extraordinarily brisk.

Then Sun Yuchen micro-blog announced, in order to meet the rapid development of the wave field TRON project requirements, the establishment of the wave field TRON compliance with the Ministry of supervision. It is reported that the wave field to hire former members of the United States SEC David Labhart served as the wave field TRON compliance director and legal adviser. Sun Yuchen said: “the establishment of the wave field TRON compliance and supervision, is the inevitable result of the rapid development of the project, which makes the global expansion of the wave field is more smooth and solid, also let the wave field core team has a stronger fighting force.”

Sun Yuchen’s 2019 New Year message caused by the global community, and review the wave field in 2018 made major achievements: in the total market value of encryption currency on the list, fifteenth to seventh; the main line on the wave field of more than 200 DApp, 6 DApp exclusive top ten.

Looking forward to the new year, Sun Yuchen pointed out that in 2019 the wave field goal is at least ranked fourth in the Coinmarketcap, and put forward specific objectives.

The show is greater than the battlefield, manufacturers focus

Sun Yuchen is recognized as the “circle of marketing genius, the media has put Sun Yuchen’s marketing methods are classified into two categories: one is hot rub; two is the other big coffee.

We’ll look at Sun Yuchen hot rub memorabilia:

The best way to burst this “ruin a young man, he is to advocate financial freedom! “By each big WeChat public number crazy reproduced. Sun Yuchen immediately forwarded the article, and quipped: “the best way to ruin a young man, is buying a lot of wave field, quickly soared to achieve financial freedom, become useless.”

In the “left” rumors fermentation of BM EOS when Sun Yuchen singer Hu Haiquan asked drug partner Chen Yufan imitate the tone, with a series of “why” to “question” BM.

Ofo user deposit tide crisis, Sun Yuchen in micro-blog announced to help a friend of David to 10 thousand ofo users deposit back, said: pure personal help an utterly inadequate measure.

Courageous but was detained for 14 days in micro-blog Zhao Yu, about his experience. The next day, Sun Yuchen micro-blog announced to provide a total of 10 million aid for Zhao Yu. A message, beat the celebrity gossip topped micro-blog hot search list. According to micro-blog news reports, Sun Yuchen Zhao Yu donated 100 thousand yuan. Sun Yuchen said in an interview: do not let the hero bloodshed also tears, courageous and need to be encouraged, even if only on the economy.

Sun Yuchen, caused a public hot moment, “timely assistance ostentatious” hot rub “mixed reviews. Wave field prices rose.

The media dubbed: a hot place, there is Sun Yuchen .

Sun Yucheng marketing second means is the other big brother.

Sun Yuchen and V the words of God, is a classic case of its marketing.

 Sun Yuchen: the blockchain new king of comedy

In the wave field is not officially launched before the counter attack once the market value of the top ten in crypto currency. Sun Yuchen took the opportunity to send push list 7 wave field is better than that of the etheric Fang reason. V God sharp response: “should be added to Article eighth, TRX efficiency is much higher than the original copy and paste white paper!”

Sun Yuchen responded immediately, thanks to Vitalik for comment on the wave field, wave field from the etheric Fang benefit a lot, and that the wave field is not in the white paper, has launched the test network, a substantial improvement in the etheric Fang deficiency.

Sun Yuchen used V God made a successful campaign for wave field.

Sun Yuchen V and God did not end the debate.

Cointelegraph V and God said in an interview “no connotation of wave field”.

In this regard, Sun Yuchen said: no Fang would not have Ethernet platform, the rapid development of wave field. Ethernet square development today, there are also many problems and bottlenecks. Wave field selection with 30 million TRX Ethernet oriented community to respond to each square drop, Ethernet square community users will feel the high TPS wave field and voting charm.

V God said in an interview: the next wave of encryption currency application is not created in the wave of speculation on the basis of the application, but from the really useful and to provide something of value for the people. V’s comments were interpreted as God Sun Yuchen V God admitted that ETH led the 2017 bull market is based on speculation, and claimed that TRON will use DApp and BitTorrent to mass adoption rate under the leadership of a bull market.

In February 9, 2019, Sun Yuchen issued two consecutive micro-blog on the social networking site, called the V God twice praised BitTorrent is in addition to bitcoin, as long as the world’s most successful application to the center.

In February 27th, the official TRON account reproduced a V of God in this interview, in an interview with V BitTorrent praised god. The link made him and Sun Yuchen on the interaction of the project, and the real interview occurred in 2017, when the TRON is not the acquisition of BitTorrent. V God declares that he has nothing to do with the TRON BitTorrent of the appreciation, not just because he love to eat avocado, that he would love to sell the avocado.

We all love Sun Yuchen domineering response: avocado, I buy all the avocado suppliers, monopoly market. If you still love the avocado, you must listen to me.

Sun Yuchen not only debate with V God, the other big coffee face questioning, Sun Yuchen is firmly against the.

Stellar co-founder Jed McCaleb said the wave field just garbage in an interview, people will be a lot of money into them, but they did not develop what technology.

It is reported that at the time of Stellar to $2 billion 200 million coin tokens of star ranked sixth, while the wave field in TRX token market capitalization of $1 billion 290 million ranked tenth. Subsequently, Sun Yuchen’s radical response: we did not take Stellar as a rival. The trading volume is very low, right centralization, non democratic system, nor a DApp. The wave field in 2019 will take its place.

In addition, Stellar co-founder Jed V God McCaleb, before the Spring Festival this year, Wang Xiaochuan in Sun Yuchen’s marketing accident lying gun.

Sun Yuchen in the WeChat circle of friends released 2014 and Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan recording the old photos, and that less than three years, his company has more than the market value. A remark, once again triggered a broad discussion of the circle of users.

It is reported that the successful marketing of Sun Yuchen for many years, the effect is very significant, the micro-blog reached about 1000000 fans, Twitter fans amounted to about 900000. There are institutional investors who described Sun Yuchen as “a successful entrepreneurial actor”, also had a sharp evaluation media wave field: if Jobs adhere to the “product marketing for 1, 0, the wave field is on the contrary, the product can be 0, but the marketing must be 1.

For a variety of public opinion, outside Sun Yuchen said: the blockchain is essentially a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). In a decentralized autonomous organization in the early stages of contact and interaction with the community founder, is indeed a most important in community governance structure.

A Future Ltd

Sun Yuchen will be the wave field as a future of the company.

He explained that:

First, we only do block chain and industry chain industry is highly correlated with the block;

Second, we do not only do online, offline. Wave like dinosaurs in the world of pterosaurs, is flying in the sky, the sky is our kingdom, we will not follow the following Rex to grab land.

Mentioned several wave field in 2019, Sun Yuchen said confidently: infrastructure optimization, add zero knowledge proof, 10 million daily turnover exceeded 10 million, to account. For the wave field, as long as you work hard, they should be able to achieve, 2019 will work harder.

On the battlefield and show the significance of “Sun Yuchen revealed their true thoughts: I think the show is certainly greater than the significance of the battlefield, there is no need to care about the macro level life wins, everyone has their own side of the one and only, from this point of view, life should be able to get his own show, show the most incisive it is enough.

When asked “what is the” identity label love, Sun Yuchen responded to his most love “entrepreneurs” label. He said that he is a very simple to director of young people, to make yourself want to do, is 90 entrepreneurial spirit. This is in line with him after returning home, in the face of the media to say: “when I was young to do a lot of intense things, just to get the attention of the world; grow up to do some dull things, just to let the world needs.”

Looking back at the past, Sun Yuchen felt like a ballet dancer, most of the time in training, struggling in the conflict and suffering. Now, their generation of the curtain is slowly opened, he was full of hope, hope to be able to dance, burning life on the stage, will be your best dedication to this era.

Bear the cold of winter, Sun Yuchen led the wave field successfully, the main BitTorrent, the number of transactions over a large amount of money to buy Ethernet square, account number beyond EOS, market value into the global top ten. Do you agree with Sun Yucheng’s marketing means, do you think his marketing means whether the industry is worth learning? Welcome in the comments section to write down your opinions.

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