“Super Book” block chain project will be selected new members of the Technical Committee

nnn”Superbook” block chain project will be today (August 10) began its “Technical Steering Committee” (Technical Steering Committee) exchange transfusion work, continue to carry out the selection of new members and the election of the new chairman, the whole The event is expected to end in September. As the organization continues to grow, it is believed that the renewal of the committee will further promote the development of the organization and play a better guiding role.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
n”Super book” block chain project ushered in the “exchange transfusion” moment.n
nThe project, supported by the Linux Foundation, is preparing a selection of new members for its Technical Steering Committee. At the end of the selection, the new Chairman of the Committee will be voted on.n
nAccording to the material in the “Superbook” mail, the nomination phase starts from August 10 and lasts until August 16th. The selection begins on August 17 and ends on August 23 and is released on the following day.n
nThey will begin the nomination of the Chairman of the Committee from 24 August, and the election is expected to take place between 31 August and 6 September and the final outcome will be announced on the second day of the election.n
nAbout a month ago, the project had just released the first major software. CoinDesk has previously reported that the official version of the “super book” fabric has been released on July 11.n
nUp to now, more than 140 companies have joined the “super book” project. Fujitsu and other members have begun to use the organization to develop open source technology to create commercial products.n

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