Super book published its first blockable chain

nnnTrailing: Hyperledger released Fabric 1.0, and that the code has been strong enough security, can be large-scale enterprises applied to large-scale projects. Although skeptics believe that the current fabric processing volume is not yet large and large credit card company’s payment network, but the project executive director that, with the Internet, this is only a stage of development, the code release is a major technological development process progress.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project publishes the first block chain code that large enterprises can use to build software.n
nThe alliance, which includes more than 120 members, including IBM, Cisco Systems, Bank of England and JPMorgan Chase, has released the first version of the Hyperledger distributed book code fabric.n
nDevelopers who participate in the project believe that Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 is a powerful security and can be used for enterprise chain-chain business applications.n
nThe block chain is originally the underlying technology of the encrypted currency bitcoin, the shared data book maintained by the computer network, and does not require the authenticity of the trusted third party verification information.n
nBanks and other large institutions to invest hundreds of millions of dollars for technology development, hoping to simplify some of the most cumbersome and most costly process, such as securities trading settlement.n
nMore than 150 engineers from 29 organizations participated in the project.n

nBrian Behlendorfn
nHyperledger executive director Brian Behlendorf said:n
nn”This kind of deep change takes some time, but I believe that the excellent development team within the organization has been able to focus on the Hyperledger Fabric and use it for the production phase.”n
nnIn order to accelerate the development of block chain, many institutions form a coalition or join the industry alliance. Earlier this year, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft, Intel and so formed the ether square block chain alliance (Ethereum Enterprise Alliance), and many of the world’s largest banks to the chain chain alliance R3 invested 100 million US dollars.n
nDespite the excitement of the news, but there are no large chain companies deployed in large-scale projects, skeptics warned that their interests have been exaggerated.n
nFor example, Hyperledger Fabric has not yet expanded to a large credit card company to pay the network per second trading volume.n
nHowever, supporters say the technology has just started and will be compared to the early stage of the Internet.n
nBehlendorf said:n
nn”If this is the Internet, where are we in the year? I feel we were in 1995, but this release code let us believe that we were in 1996, that is, companies began to say ‘now it’s not just a research project’ Then

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