Superbook Block Chain Alliance revealed Sawtooth Ethereum hybrid technology

nnnThe Hyperledger project yesterday revealed on its website that it had completed a proof of concept called Sawtooth Ethereum (“Seth”). It is said that the proof of the concept is expected to be used in the Hyperledger Sawtooth on the use of Ethernet Square Smart contract, and this combination of technical means that the super-books alliance members more closely together to agree on the cooperation between each other, the common realization of the Union Organic development.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nITC developers will soon be able to use another way to build enterprise-class implementation of open source technologies.n
nHyperledger (Hyperledger) yesterday revealed on its website, called Sawtooth Ethereum (referred to as “Seth”) concept verification has been completed. The proof of the concept is expected to be implemented on the Hyperledger Sawtooth using the Etherbus Smart contract, which is to add Intel components to the Linux-led federation code.n
nWhile this technical mix will certainly have a technical impact, Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Superbook, chose to be more broadly described as the success of the alliance itself.n
nBehlendorf tells CoinDesk:n
nn”Superblogging is not just a large granary that brings together a variety of livestock and livestock. It is indeed necessary to unite these communities together so that they can organically agree on how to stack each other and how to become a broader architectural vision Of the constituent parts. “n
nnSuperionger internal open source framework Hyperledger Fabric is contributed by IBM; and Hyperledger Iroha is contributed by Soramitsu; Hyperledger Indy is contributed by the Sovrin Foundation.n
nKey cooperationn
nIn other places, there is evidence that Sawtooth Ethereum proves that super books are being developed organically in the way described by Behlendorf.n
nHyperledger Sawtooth’s interchangeable consensus mechanism makes it easier for the platform to integrate Burrow with Monax’s ethercom virtual machine.n
nAccording to the release of the relevant blog introduction, as a result of this integration, it is expected that the existing intelligent contract for the APFT developers can finally “transfer their work to the Hyperledger Sawtooth platform.”n
nMonax co-founder Casey Kuhlman said in Bowen:n
nn”Hyperledger Burrow has long been committed to providing a core EVM for future use of other superblogging projects, and this integration identifies this position and establishes a strong upstream-downstream relationship between the Sawtooth and Burrow projects. “n

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